Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions about Zadara? We understand. We hear some questions more frequently than others, and have published answers to the most frequently asked ones here.

How is Zadara different from other cloud storage?

Zadara is enterprise-class storage, which means we offer features and functions you can't get from other cloud storage providers. We like to say, we pick up where they leave off, with features like NFS and CIFS, high availability, snapshots, and more.

How is Zadara a ‘fully-managed’ solution?

With Zadara you get much more than just industry-leading enterprise-class storage hardware and software. You get a team of experts 24/7/365 looking out for you. We manage your Zadara storage system as if it were our own, keeping things humming along. We alert you to issues that crop up, and advise you when it looks like there might be trouble ahead, so you can take preventive action. And, we provide proactive, periodic upgrades to your hardware and software at no charge.

Where can I get Zadara?

You can get Zadara everywhere you would host a legacy storage system. Put Zadara into the data center on your premises, and we'll manage it for you. Get Zadara in the public cloud, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Ask your managed services provider or private cloud provider to get Zadara and we'll deploy it at their data center, and manage it for you.

How does Zadara's ‘consumption-based’ pricing work?

With Zadara you pay only for the storage capacity and features you actually use. Charges are based on hourly rates. You can increase and decrease your usage at any time, and your charges will increase or decrease accordingly. The pricing is the same whether you get Zadara on your premises or in the public cloud. To find out how much your ideal Zadara storage solution will cost, visit our Pricing page and use our configurator.

How do I order Zadara?

You can order Zadara right here on our website. We even offer a 7-day free trial. Or you can call us and we'll be happy to help you get started.

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