Lightning-fast performance, task automation, and high availability.

Containers add versatility, reliability and performance.

Activate Docker containers inside your Zadara storage for lightning-fast performance, task automation, and application high availability. Thanks to Zadara’s convergence of Docker container technology into a pair of virtual controllers, you can now run processing tasks right inside the storage.

Run processing tasks
right inside your storage.

Zadara’s convergence of Docker container technology into a pair of virtual controllers, makes running processing inside storage possible. The virtual controllers have direct, low-latency access to your SSDs and HDDs, for high-throughput IOPS to the Docker container running within.


Any data type. Any protocol.
Any location.

Zadara offers you the best of both worlds. Get the power and control of enterprise-class virtualized storage, with the cost-effectiveness and convenience of a cloud solution. And you can get Zadara on premises, at your data center, and in the public cloud.

Adjust, optimize, control.
Web management interface.

Adjust your storage structure as needed, using a GUI and REST API. Adjust processor performance, the quantity and types of dedicated drives (SSD, SAS, and/or SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1, 5, 6, 10) at any time. Graphical performance logging allows you to oversee and optimize application performance.


Dedicated resources.
Secure encryption.

Zadara is built with security in mind. Your data is stored on dedicated hardware, and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only you control access to your data.

24/7 management and support.
100%-uptime guarantee.

With Zadara you get more than enterprise-class storage. You get an expert team backing you up, with 24/7/365 support, proactive system management, and periodic hardware upgrades included. That’s why we can offer the industry’s only 100%-uptime guarantee.


Learn more about our Containers solutions.

Learn more about Zadara and our Containers solutions. Check out our brochures, webinars, white papers, and other resources.


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Get Zadara on premises, at your colocation facility, and in the public cloud.

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