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Cloud Migration

Cost-effective, convenient way to move your data into the cloud.

Getting your data into the cloud just got easier.

As enterprises launch initiatives to adopt cloud computing, they are looking for cost-effective and convenient ways to move their enterprise data into the cloud, aka “hydrating the cloud.” We offer cloud migration solutions for both static data and production data.

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All the power. None of the headaches.

With Zadara you get all the power of enterprise storage, with none of the headaches. You get high-performance storage that's fully managed by our expert team 24/7/365. Scale up, scale down. You only pay for the storage you use. So go ahead, embrace the future. With Zadara you no longer have to make sacrifices to use the cloud.

NFS and CIFS. Hidden shares.
Active Directory integration.

Enterprise-class NAS means NFS and CIFS, and Zadara has it. Support for hidden shares gives you greater control over network access. And Active Drectory integration means you can manage Zadara just like any other volume in your network.

NAS cloud

Enterprise-class NAS features.
Convenient, cloud-based package.

Zadara offers enterprise-class features, including snapshots, replication, multi-zone high availability, online volume migration, thin provisioning, and more. And you get all this power in a convenient cloud-based package.

Adjust, optimize, control.
Web management interface.

Adjust your storage structure as needed, using a GUI and REST API. Adjust processor performance, the quantity and types of dedicated drives (SSD, SAS, and/or SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1, 5, 6, 10) at any time. Graphical performance logging allows you to oversee and optimize application performance.

Zadara Data Storage
secure storage encryption

Dedicated resources.
Secure encryption.

Zadara is built with security in mind. Your data is stored on dedicated hardware, and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only you control access to your data.

24/7 management and support.
100%-uptime SLA.

With Zadara you get more than enterprise-class storage. You get an expert team backing you up, with 24/7/365 support, proactive system management, and periodic hardware upgrades included. That’s why we can offer the industry’s only 100%-uptime SLA.

data management
OpEx data management

Get more for less.
Pay-as-you-go pricing.

Zadara delivers all the power of enterprise storage, in a fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use model that reduces your costs and management burden. Get more for less. No big up-front costs. No commitments required. Use Zadara for an hour, a month, a year, or forever, and get the same low-cost, high-touch service.

Use Zadara to easily move production data to any cloud.

Moving live, production data to the cloud can be complicated. Luckily, Zadara has you covered. Using Zadara, you can move production data to any cloud in just a few steps. Here is a summary:

Mirror data to a local appliance.

A Zadara cloud migration appliance is attached to the server and the data is mirrored to the target appliance.

Second data mirror created.

A second mirror of the data is created to an additional Zadara appliance.

Break second mirror and ship to the cloud.

Once the two Zadara mirrors are synchronized, the first mirror continues capturing transactions while the second mirror is shipped to the cloud environment.

Reconnect two Zadara appliances via remote mirror.

The two Zadara appliances are then connected via a remote mirror and resynchronized to capture any remaining transactions that occurred during the transportation of the data to the cloud environment.

Disconnect local Zadara appliance.

Once the synchronization process is complete, the local Zadara appliance is disconected. The on-premises servers then ‘fail over’ to the cloud and the migration process is complete.

Learn more about our Cloud Migration solutions.

Learn more about Zadara and our Cloud Migration solutions. Check out our brochures, webinars, white papers, and other resources.

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