Veeam and Zadara Backup-as-a-Service

100%-OpEx, Multi-Tier Backup for Veeam

The only unified, multi-tier, 100%-OpEx storage for Veeam 3-2-1 backup and recovery of your business-critical data.

Data Immutability & Air Gap Protection
for Business-Critical Data

Combine Veeam and Zadara to drive application and data availability in a flexible, 100%-OpEx backup-as-a-service model — including data immutability — on premises, at your data center, and in the public cloud.

Veeam + Zadara Backup Data Storage

Zadara provides Veeam users the ability to create a scalable, cost-effective backup repository comprised of multiple tiers of storage, to optimize for performance or capacity.

Veeam Partner

Support for Veeam Object Storage Immutability

Users of Veeam Availability Suite v10 (and beyond) can take advantage of Zadara’s full support for immutable object data. Immutable data options enable enterprises and service providers to meet increasingly stringent data governance and compliance requirements, and to enhance their data protection practices against emerging risks, such as ransomware.

Streamline Veeam Backup

Combining Veeam Availability Suite and Zadara storage addresses key data center challenges, by enabling exceptional backup performance and rapid data recovery in a streamlined user experience and flexible operating model.

  • A single, scale-out backup repository comprised of multiple tiers of storage to optimize for performance or capacity
  • Scale up or down as needed, on premises or cloud; never pay for unused capacity
  • Dedicated resources, not shared
  • A 100%-OpEx model for all storage tiers
  • On-demand hardware upgrades included
backup storage

Zadara for Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SoBR)

Veeam SoBR


  • Multi-tenancy capability allows multiple backup workflows within a single infrastructure
  • Veeam Ready Object and Repository for seamless operation


  • Protect your data from ransomware & user error with Object Lock data immutability & ‘air gap’ architecture
  • Leverage copies of backup data securely using Veeam Datalabs


  • Multi-cloud: deploy on prem and/or with any service provider
  • Scale-out capabilities; pay only for what you consume


  • Incremental backup of large data sets for best-in-class RPO and RTO
  • 100% SLA guarantee (or we pay you back!)


  • Incremental backup of large data sets for best-in-class RPO and RTO
  • 100% SLA guarantee (or we pay you back!)

Zero Risk

  • No lock-ins; no minimum commitments
  • 24/7/365 expert support at no additional cost
  • On-demand upgrades, no CapEx costs required

Ransomware Protection

Now there’s an easy and affordable way to protect data from loss or malicious attacks, with Zadara Storage and Veeam Availability Suite V10. Take advantage of Veeam’s Object Lock data immutability that permits backup data copies to be made unchangeable for a set period of time. And combine Veeam with Zadara on premises or in the cloud, to create a multi-tier backup solution. Solution benefits include:

  • 100%-OpEx storage complements Veeam OpEx model
  • Veeam Object Lock protects data from encryption by ransomware
  • On-premises and cloud storage options, for multi-tier backup
  • Zadara is Veeam-tested and ready for integration

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Zadara for Veeam



Zadara Solution Overview


Solutions Brief

Zadara VMware Veeam Hybrid Cloud



Using Zadara Storage as Veeam v10 Scale-Out-Backup-Repository


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