Meet the Crew

Ben Kiani

Tech Lead, Software Engineer, Israel

 “I love how I have been able to grow as a leader. I started out as an individual contributor, then became a lead of 3 Developers.”

What attracted you to Zadara?

 I was really impressed by the people, culture and technology! I was also initially part of the NeoKarm acquisition team.

What do you enjoy the most about Zadara?

I enjoy doing interesting tech features and working with great people.

How have you grown in your role?

When I originally started, there were only 5 people on the team and I was the developer. Fast forward to now, I am a technical lead and have a team of 3 people working with me.

What sets Zadara apart from other companies you have worked at?

I have the opportunity to work with my friends and colleagues. It’s a great team!

How have you had an impact on Zadara?

I have been able to bring many people that worked with me previously. In addition, I feel that my opinion and ideas truly matter and people listen to me. I also find that everyone tries very hard to do their very best work.

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