Ensure Reliable
Access to Critical Data

Zadara allows government agencies to deliver services more efficiently.

Zadara for Government

Citizens count on you to provide critical, sometimes lifesaving, services. Reliable access to data is critical to fulfilling on your mission. The Zadara Enterprise Data Cloud — available on premises or through your chosen cloud provider — enables you to modernize your agency’s approach to data storage and management, ensuring greater access and availability, lower costs, and an end to data silos and migrations.

Give citizens greater access
to data-driven services.

Consolidate data, improve efficiency, and free up precious resources to meet citizens’ demands for more and improved services.

Use taxpayer money wisely.

Grow (or shrink) as needed, without risk. No need to guess at your future capacity requirements. No traditional storage re-purchase cycle, no disruptive upgrades or data migrations.

grow or shrink your storage
secure data encryption

Keep sensitive data
safe and secure.

With ISO27001 and SOC-2 compliance, Zadara meets the stringent security requirements of government systems to store, protect, and enable sensitive, mission-critical data.

Zadara’s easy and intuitive management dashboard makes volume provisioning a breeze. We are seeing a 50% increase in overall application performance with Zadara.
Russel De Guzman
Senior Manager for DevOps | Digital Room, Inc.

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