Enterprise Compute for Any Workload

Enterprise zCompute

Develop, deploy, run and virtualize any application on zCompute.
Secure, flexible and wherever you want it – Colocation, Private Data Center, or Public Cloud. Whether you want to move to the cloud, leave the cloud or just need resources closer to your data, zCompute is for you.

Easy Provisioning with Predefined Compute Instances

Set up your zCompute infrastructure in minutes, using a web based GUI and REST API. Zadara provides a number of Virtual Machine (VM) images ready to use. Or you can customize your own images, as needed.

Simple, Straight Forward Pricing Model

Simple, predictable, hassle and headache free consumption based pricing. Pay only for what you use. No long-term commitments and no egress or ingress fees.

Autoscale Groups

zCompute auto scaling automatically scales compute resources to ensure high availability, performance, and efficient resource utilization. You define the policy, and zCompute ensures performance and availability while keeping resource utilization optimized to reduce costs.

Achieve Availability and Performance Goals with Intelligent Load Balancers

Application Load Balancers route traffic according to application or network considerations and distributes the amount of compute and/or networking capacity needed

AWS EC2 Compatible APIs

zCompute gives enterprise customers the ability to consume services the exact same way they consume in the public cloud using AWS EC2 compatible API.

Easy VM backups with Snapshots

In concert with Zadara zStorage, you can create snapshots of the VMs that are in the zCompute cluster, and use these snapshots to restore any VM if needed.

Simple VM Management

Manage your virtualized infrastructure through an easy to use web based dashboard. Track and manage consumption of your resources with a visualized dashboard, automated monitoring & alerting and detailed reporting.

Zadara Cloud Services for Service Providers

Zadara Cloud Services is a growing collection of fully-managed, enterprise-grade services – computing, networking, storage and more. Download the solution brief below.

A Full-Stack Solution

Zadara is a complete enterprise solution with all of the functionality you expect from enterprise-grade compute resources. It starts with our patented virtualization software running on the same industry-leading hardware you can buy from a legacy vendor. It’s OpEx based, so you pay only for what you use. And it’s fully managed by us 24/7.

Patented Software. Commodity Hardware.

You get our patented virtualization software and the same hardware you can buy from a legacy vendor. (Which leads us to ask: Why would you?)

Expert Management 24/7/365

Why spend your time managing infrastructure? You have more important things to do, like finding the source of that squeaking noise in the server room.

Consumption-Based (OpEx) Pricing Model.

Sometimes you need more compute power. Sometimes you need less. Scale up or down in minutes. Pay only for what you use. No long-term commitments and no egress fees.