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Zadara’s Federated Edge program introduces a new, fully-managed, distributed cloud architecture designed to enable hosting providers and MSPs – anywhere in the world – to create new revenue streams made possible by edge computing without requiring investment in new hardware, technology or human capital.

Welcome to the Federated Edge, where MSPs of all sizes and from any region can partner together and offer on-demand, global IT services for their customers, create new innovative revenue streams for their business, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage over public cloud providers.

Create new revenue streams with zero CapEx

MSPs can gain instant global (revenue) scale without the need to build new data centers, form individual partnerships, or deploy in a colo, or in new regions based on ever-changing customer needs. MSPs can also earn revenues on what you sell to your customer base plus on consumption of services in your FE Zone by participating Solution Providers and Operators around the world. All global infrastructure is provided and available on-demand via the FE Partner network; MSPs just pay for usage.

Deliver global products & services

Leverage access to the world’s largest federation of hosting service provider locations (‘Operators’ of Federated Edge Zones) to host location-sensitive workloads – optimizing for latency, price, performance and security/compliance. Increase wallet share with existing customers

Compete (and win!) vs. public cloud providers

The Federated Edge program gives MSPs (and their customers) on-demand access to the features needed to compete with the world’s largest public clouds. With Federated Edge Zones in cities across the world, MSPs can exploit the lack of coverage/proximity of the hyperscalers and reap higher margins that what hyperscalers provide.

Remove data sovereignty barriers

With Federated Edge Zones in cities across the world, the Federated Edge helps ease your customer concerns around data sovereignty and compliance issues. MSPs can provide every FE customer with full control over the physical location of the FE Zones they use and full visibility of the Operator and their relevant services.

With Federated Edge, Zadara is providing a lifeline for MSPs looking to boost their points of presence and deploy anywhere in the world the same way that they deploy in their own data centers.

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MSPs Win with Zadara’s
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MSPs Win with Zadara’s
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