MSPs Win with Zadara’s Federated Edge Program

For the first time, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now deploy edge cloud workloads anywhere in the world, not just within their own data centers, with Zadara’s new Federated Edge (FE) program.

We are now only starting to see the early benefits of workloads at the edge, like reduced latency, cost and improved performance. There are countless new edge opportunities on the horizon that will require 5G or the edge computing like streaming services, gaming, self driving cars, healthcare, manufacturing, and drones that benefit from low latency. There are many definitions of Edge but at Zadara we believe it is all about the deployment of infrastructure and applications as close as necessary to where data is generated and consumed.

Federated Edge now enables MSP Hosting Service Providers to provision IT ‘as-a-Service’ business solutions to customers as close as necessary to their workloads. With just a few clicks, like deploying in their own data centers, MSPs can now optimize for latency, price, performance and security/compliance; through a shared revenue model while maintaining favorable margins.

Make Geographical Coverage a Key Differentiator for Your Business in 2021

The rapid move to remote work underscored the importance of resilience and flexibility for MSPs and their cloud customers. Most enterprises today are doing business globally. This is one of the reasons companies move to the cloud.

We regularly hear from MSPs that they have had to pass on business because a customer needed to deploy workloads in an area they did not have a presence. They have come to expect deploying infrastructure to include complicated pricing schemes that typically require customers to predict their capacity needs 3-5 years out from when they sign a long-term, fine-print laden contract. The alternative is to work with large cloud providers and pay inordinate fees for accessing your data. Now with just a few clicks FE operators can access a large global uniform edge cloud unlike anything available in the market today.

Beside playing global and moving faster, the FE provides a great opportunity for the MSP to future proof their business with edge cloud services. Zadara strives to be more than just a technology provider for our MSP partners by offering 24/7 DevOps support, co-marketing, OpEx hardware agreements and co-selling. We know that MSPs have limited resources for development and R&D. This is where Zadara comes in. Zadara’s as-a-service model was designed so MSPs can pass the benefits along to their customers like pay per use and the flexibility to expand and shrink on demand. Where MSPs on their own may not be able to compete with hyperscalers, together as a federation, MSPs can offer customers the benefits of edge workloads where they are needed most.

FE will enable MSP partners to serve customers in a new global way and MSPs will immediately benefit from doing business in more places and working with new customers around the world.

Compete At The Edge

The low latency, increased bandwidth, enhanced security and burgeoning 5G opportunities are some of the benefits of the edge. MSPs can future-proof their business by supporting the next generation of technology by offering edge cloud services including compute and storage.

The cloud was built to put data in and therefore taking data out comes with huge egress fees. Zadara doesn’t charge for data going in or out of our edge clouds. This is one of the areas the edge can complement the traditional cloud or on-prem. A benefit of edge workloads is they can be temporary and Zadara never charges egress fees. If a doctor is in Cleveland and wants to see a radiology image, the latency for the image traveling cross country and the price they pay for egress can be extremely high. To improve performance and eliminate fees health care companies are currently leveraging edge clouds for immediate needs, before moving data back to the source or to the cloud for archival.

Backup as a service is another great edge use case today. When you backup locally the performance and user experience is much better than backing up cross country.

The technology that will take full advantage of edge computing is still on the horizon. By joining the Federated Edge, MSPs will have the first mover advantage in their region.


1000 Edge Clouds in 2021

We are on track to achieve our goal of more than 300 Federated Edge clouds and 1000 Zadara Edge clouds by the end of 2021. We see a future where there is a Federated Edge Cloud in every city of the entire world, hosted by an MSP, allowing edge customers to deploy workloads at sub 5 milliseconds no matter where they are.

The Federation was designed to benefit MSPs. There are more opportunities to deploy and cross sell globally that your business can benefit from. These workloads exist today, but as the infrastructure matures so will the opportunities for enterprises that need many geographical locations whether local and/or global.

Don’t let business opportunities pass because you don’t currently have a global footprint or the capital to scale. Each and every Federated Edge member benefits from more clouds in more locations.

To learn more about the Federated Edge program, visit the webpage, checkout our press release or contact us to learn how to become an operator.

Nelson Nahum,
CEO and co-founder, Zadara

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