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Zadara allows health care providers to deliver services more efficiently.

Zadara for Health Care

Timely, reliable access to data is critical to delivering higher quality, integrated care. Zadara enables health care organizations to revolutionize their approach to data storage and management, ensuring greater access and availability, lower costs, and an end to data silos and migrations. Scale up and down as needed, without disruption or migration.

Customer Story – Zebra Medical

Find out how Zebra Medical uses Zadara to scale storage without limits. Zebra Medical was recently recognized as one of the 10 most innovative health companies of 2020 by Fast Company

Efficient Access to EHRs

More efficiently share and use Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs). Make better decisions based on real-time, data-driven intelligence.

Perfect Storage Prescription

Grow (or shrink) as needed, without risk. No need to guess at your future capacity requirements. No traditional storage re-purchase cycle, no disruptive upgrades or data migrations.

grow or shrink your storage

HIPAA Compliance

Zadara is a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider, as it has the needed administrative, physical, technical and privacy safeguards in place, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Zadara met all of our criteria including performance, stability, scalability and a suite of enterprise-grade features.”
Martin Götz,
Managing Director | Innogy

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