Flexible Kubernetes Services


Zadara zCompute allows customers to host a Kubernetes cluster within our Edge Cloud platform. With Zadara, take advantage of Kubernetes as a flexible and scalable way to deploy, manage, and orchestrate containerized workloads across different computing environments on-premises, in a Zadara edge cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. Kubernetes provides a range of features for automating tasks such as deployment, scaling, load balancing, networking, and more. It is designed to be highly resilient, fault-tolerant, and extensible, and is widely used by organizations of all sizes to run and manage containerized applications at scale.

Why Kubernetes

Kubernetes helps customers address several problems that arise when managing and scaling containerized applications, including:

Container Management:

Containers provide a way to package and run software across different computing environments. However, managing and orchestrating a large number of containers manually can be difficult and time-consuming. Kubernetes automates many tasks related to container management, such as deploying and updating containers, scaling containers up or down based on demand, and managing networking between containers.

As containerized applications become more popular, they often need to scale quickly to handle increased demand. Kubernetes provides a flexible and scalable way to manage containerized applications, which can help ensure that they are always running efficiently and that you’re not paying for unnecessary computing resources.
Ensuring that containerized applications are always available can be a challenge, especially when running across multiple nodes and clusters. Kubernetes helps ensure that containerized applications are always available by automatically managing deployments of your application across different nodes in a cluster. This means that if one node goes down, your application will continue to run on other nodes, helping to prevent downtime.
One of the main benefits of containerization is the ability to move containerized applications between different computing environments, such as from a development environment to a production environment. However, managing the portability of containerized applications can be complex. Kubernetes provides a standard way to manage containerized application deployments across different computing environments, which can help reduce the risk of compatibility issues or changes to the underlying infrastructure.

Need Kubernetes Backup?

Zadara and Kasten by Veeam provide a comprehensive data management and protection solution for Kubernetes without undue cost or complexity, including:

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