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Add recurring revenue without adding complexity.

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Focus on your business. We'll manage your cloud services.

In Zadara you’ll find a suite of edge cloud services designed to make the adoption and provisioning of cloud services as simple as possible for both you and for your customers. Zadara provides partners with 100% of the hardware/software you need to begin consuming/selling Zadara edge cloud services with zero CapEx required from your business. You’ll quickly discover a technology partner in Zadara who is dedicated to helping you build your business with long-term success in mind.

Industry Awards and Accolades

Our solutions have been recognized for innovation and leadership. The accolades include: Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award; Cloud Computing Backup & Disaster Recovery; the Red Herring Global 100; and Dell Founders 50 are among some.

 “Zadara has been a wonderful partner to Viatel in providing a alternative for our customers to the big cloud providers.”
- Viatel

Prevent Hyperscalers from stealing
your customers.

Zadara offers full-stack, global edge cloud services – compute, networking, and/or storage – to enable MSPs to capture on-premises customers suffering from expensive public cloud offerings (not to mention the challenges caused by vendor lock in!). So stop getting squeezed between the legacy operating models of public cloud providers and the unrelenting push by the hyperscalers to own your valued customer base. Now you can take back control of your business, with Zadara edge cloud services delivered in a 100%-OpEx model.

Compete in the post-pandemic era

Spin up compute, networking and storage services from an easy-to-use web-based portal. All Zadara edge cloud services can be scaled up, down or turned off at anytime and we offer contract terms with zero long-term commitment required. Flexibility and agility are paramount in this ‘new normal’ environment we live in and Zadara delivers the IT solutions to help you succeed.

Zadara’s easy and intuitive management dashboard makes volume provisioning a breeze. We are seeing a 50% increase in overall application performance with Zadara.
Russel De Guzman
Senior Manager for DevOps Digital Room, Inc.

Recurring Revenue.
Built-in Margins.

Grow your business exponentially, using Zadara’s recurring-revenue model. And Zadara offers the only enterprise STaaS solution that allows you to scale up AND down, as needed. This ensures your storage costs are always aligned with your needs.

Lighten your load,
with an expert operating partner

When you add Zadara to your team you are adding an expert operating partner. We build, provision, and maintain your customers’ storage arrays. So you can assign your people to more strategic tasks, and focus on growing your recurring revenue.

On-demand access to Zadara’s
award-winning partner portal

By partnering with Zadara, you get access to our all-in-one partner portal, where you can find co-branded marketing materials, training and enablement resources, deal tracking dashboards, and so much more. Our goal is to equip you with the right resources and right knowledge at the right time to help your business close deals faster and position itself for long-term success.

Zadara Storage has been an outstanding business partner. Their technology is second to none and their business model aligns perfectly with our needs.
Ben Foakes
Managing Director BASE Media Cloud

Learn more about Zadara and the benefits of partnership.

Partnership is a big decision. You need to be sure you are making the right decision for your company. That’s why we have provided the materials below. Watch, read, digest. Have questions? We’re here to help. Because the closer you look at Zadara, the better we appear.



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