True Data Sovereignty

Get True Data Sovereignty with Zadara Edge Cloud

Zadara’s global Edge Cloud service provider network is designed to give you the greatest possible control over your data and customers data, no matter where your business and customers are located. Zadara’s unique approach reduces dependence on overseas cloud service providers who operate under nonresident legislation, mitigating potential security risks associated with hosting sensitive data outside of the host country.

Key Benefits

Security and Compliance

Our local partners provide strong security features, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring, and ensure compliance with relevant localized data protection regulations.

Sovereign by Design

Each of Zadara’s local Edge Cloud providers ensure data sovereignty by hosting data within the jurisdiction or territory of the government or public entity that owns and operates the cloud service.

Customization and Flexibility

Zadara’s partners each offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization and offer flexibility in terms of deployment models.

Use Cases

Sovereign cloud services can benefit a variety of organizations, but they are especially relevant for those that handle sensitive data, such as:

Government Agencies

Governments that require sovereign cloud services for highly sensitive data, including national security information, confidential citizen data, and confidential diplomatic communications, rely on Zadara for complete control over the location of their data.

Public Institutions

Public institutions, such as healthcare providers, educational institutions, and public utilities, often store and process large amounts of personal data. Sovereign cloud services provided through Zadaras partners can help ensure this data is secure and protected.

Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions handle highly sensitive data such as financial transactions, customer account information, and trade secrets. A sovereign cloud service from Zadara can provide the necessary security and privacy required for such data.

Defense and Military Organizations

Military organizations deal with highly confidential data related to national defense, intelligence, and security. A Zadara sovereign cloud provider can deliver the necessary security and protection for such data.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs often lack the resources to invest in their own IT infrastructure and security measures. A Zadara sovereign cloud can provide an affordable and secure cloud computing solution that meets their needs.

Zadara and its partners help organizations that handle sensitive data benefit from sovereign cloud services to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.

A True Sovereign Cloud

Some of the largest cloud providers in the world deliver outstanding services, but even though they may deploy equipment in different geographical locations, they all too often operate under legislation of their head quartered organization.

Hyperscale cloud organizations can, and often do, operate under different legislation than sovereign cloud providers. When choosing a cloud provider you want to ensure you have control over your data including:

Ownership and Control:
Sovereign cloud services are owned, operated, and managed under local jurisdiction, providing organizations and their respective governments greater control and security over sensitive data. Hyperscale cloud providers, on the other hand, are typically subject to the laws and regulations of their respective host country.
Jurisdiction and Compliance:
Sovereign clouds are by default, set to comply with local and regional data privacy regulations, while hyperscalers often operate across multiple jurisdictions and may struggle to comply with all relevant regulations in each location.
Customization and Flexibility:
Sovereign clouds can be customized to meet the specific needs of government agencies and other organizations that handle sensitive data. This level of customization may not be possible with hyperscale cloud providers, which offer a more standardized service.