Meet the Crew

Ofir Amir

R&D Manager, Israel

“One of the greatest things about working for Zadara is the opportunity to take part in building our global cloud network. It is a rather big technical and complex challenge that I really enjoy working on!”

What attracted you to Zadara?

It is our Zadara vision- the opportunity to take part in building Zadara’s global cloud network. The technological challenge is huge and complicated – and I’ve been given the opportunity to take a leading role in addressing the challenge

What do you enjoy the most about Zadara?

The environment is dynamic, varied, and you learn something new every day.
The various aspects of each field require deepening and also the ability to see the whole picture. Every engineer, from the youngest to the most experienced team member, must understand the whole system in order to contribute. I also really enjoy mentoring the young and brilliant team of the group.

How have you grown in your role?

 I have developed my leadership skills and mentoring the more junior members. I also am solving very complex problems.

What sets Zadara apart from other companies you have worked at?

It feels more real than anything else that I have ever done at any other company. You see the impact you are making, you see customers using what you do – it’s pretty cool to see. I thrive on the opportunity to develop direct relationships with customers and at the same time, I am engaged with developing our technology solutions

How have you had an impact on Zadara?

I have developed a strong, self sustaining development team that is capable of achieving significant results. I am also very happy to be working at Zadara and would welcome talented engineers to join me!

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