Meet the Crew

Tayeba Salhi

Senior MSP Account Manager, US
“I love the fact we are a global company which gives me the ability to work with such a diverse team and clients!”

What attracted you to Zadara?

When I learned about the company, I was really impressed by the leadership team. I am also very passionate about services and solutions we are offering in the storage market.

What do you enjoy the most about Zadara?

I really enjoy working with all of the people! I love the fact that we are a global company which gives me the ability to work in a diverse team and with various clients. I also enjoy the flexibility it gives me to work at home.


How have you grown in your role?

By focusing on bringing the Zadara cloud solution to Managed Service Providers to grow their footprint, I have learned alot about the private cloud vs. public cloud. The great news is that we have both! It truly has enabled me to grow our MPS’s.

What sets Zadara apart from other companies you have worked at?

We are focused on the customer first. Everyone jumps in to help when needed. I also feel like we have a strong enablement with our partners. Lastly, we are focused on the right things; growing our business with strong internal support.

What impact have you made at Zadara?

In the past two years, we have focused on growing the MSP business and Federated Edge Program.. Since I have been here, I have brought on 15 new MSP’s. Many of these MSP’s have multiple sites.

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