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A Complete Enterprise Storage Solution Built for MSPs

Add recurring revenue without adding complexity.

Build your business. We'll manage your storage.

In Zadara you’ll find a powerful platform designed to make data storage and management as simple as possible. And you’ll discover a technology partner who is dedicated to helping you build your business. Unlike legacy vendors that have recently created services offerings, we are a 100% pure-play services provider, and this unique perspective helps us to understand the challenges you and your clients face as IT evolves and migrates to a cloud-based model.

Zadara’s easy and intuitive management dashboard makes volume provisioning a breeze. We are seeing a 50% increase in overall application performance with Zadara.

Freedom from legacy storage.
No public-cloud lock-in.

You’re getting squeezed between legacy storage vendors operating model challenges and the unrelenting push by the hyperscale clouds to own your customers. Now you can take back control of your business, with Zadara enterprise storage delivered as a 100%-OpEx service.

cloud freedom
cloud storage partner program

A partner program as simple
as our storage solutions.

At Zadara we make it simple (and profitable) for you to be our partner. From sign-up, which takes just a few minutes, to marketing outreach, implementation, and ongoing operation, we offer a simple, scalable platform for you to support your customers’ storage needs — and grow your business.

Recurring Revenue.
Built-in Margins.

Grow your business exponentially, using Zadara's recurring-revenue model. And Zadara offers the only enterprise STaaS solution that allows you to scale up AND down, as needed. This ensures your storage costs are always aligned with your needs.

Lighten your load,
with an expert operating partner

When you add Zadara to your team you are adding an expert operating partner. We build, provision, and maintain your customers’ storage arrays. So you can assign your people to more strategic tasks, and focus on growing your recurring revenue.

Zadara Storage has been an outstanding business partner. Their technology is second to none and their business model aligns perfectly with our needs.

Grow your skills.
Grow your business.

Zadara has a value-based program that encourages you to differentiate yourself by demonstrating capabilities in Zadara and related technologies and solutions. All new partners enter the program at the Bronze tier, with a solid set of benefits, and may advance to a Silver or Gold tier upon achieving specified revenue targets and meeting the tiered program requirements.


As a Bronze partner you will earn up to 30% on all recurring revenue generated by your Zadara clients.


Advancing to Silver status earns you the right to Market Development Funds. Minimum revenue requirements apply.


As a Gold partner you take first call from customers and enjoy an additional 5% on all recurring revenue.

Learn more about Zadara and the benefits of partnership.

Partnership is a big decision. You need to be sure you are making the right decision for your company. That’s why we have provided the materials below. Watch, read, digest. Have questions? We’re here to help. Because the closer you look at Zadara, the better we appear.


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