How to Create a Zadara Cloud Block Storage at Amazon AWS EC2

Zadara allows each cloud customer to have their own virtual private storage array, and connect from Amazon EC2 at very low latency. (currently available only in US East)
Once the VPC is connected to VPSA, it is possible to mount the VPSA storage as iSCSI or NFS to any Linux or Windows Cloud Server

Here is a step by step process how to connect an EC2 instance from AWS to Zadara:

1 – create a Zadara account:

2 – Create your VPSA

  • Go to and login to the cloud console
  • Click the Create VPSA button
  • Enter a name and a description for your VPSA
  • Choose Amazon AWS1 or AWS2 (both are accessible from AWS US East)
  • Choose Zadara Engine size (baby, basic, boost or blazing)
  • Choose the type and number of drives you want.
  • Click Submit
  • You will see that the VPSA is in pending approval status (somebody from Zadara will contact you and approve your VPSA)

3 – Connect to VPSA from EC2

  • Once approved you will see VPSA in ready status and a URL and IP address to access it.
  • Create Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) –
    • AWS Management console > VPC section > Virtual Private Gateways > Create
    • send resulted vgw-xxxx number to Amazon DirectConnect team ( for establishing Logical DirectConnect with Zadara. Don’t delete this VGW if you would like to continue accessing Zadara. All other components (VPC/subnets/etc) might be recreated.
  • Create a VPC (if doesn’t exist):
    • From VPC Dashboard select “Create another VPC
    • Select the 1st type –  VPC with a Single Public Subnet Only
    • Leave default CIDR and Subnet or pick any other combination
  • Attach Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to newly created VPC
      • In the Virtual Private Gateways page, right-click on the newly created VGW and select “Attach To VPC”
      • Select the correct VPC and press Yes, Attach.
  • Route Tables:
    • Go to Route Tables Page
    • Select the Route table associated with newly created VPC and Subnet (it should already have internet gateway (igw) added)
    • for accessing Zadara VPSAs on AWS 1 add: destination =, target = vgw-xxxx
    • for accessing Zadara VPSAs on AWS 2 add: destination =, target = vgw-xxxx
  • Create Instance:
    • Select Launch into VPC (Instance type must be at least m1.small)
    • Verify that Security Group selected correctly
  • Check connectivity from the EC2 instance to the IP address of your VPSA (http port 80 & iSCSI port 3260 are open and should be accessible)

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