Zadara Cloud Block & File Storage Celebrates 2 Years

Zadara Storage | Anniversary Graphic

From Choosing Our Name On Path to Becoming the Preferred Storage Product in the Cloud

ז׳ בְּאַדָר תשע״ג
Sunday was the 7th day of the month Adar, according to the hebrew calendar, and marked by the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet, (Z)ayin. It was exactly two years ago, on the 7th day of the month of Adar A, that we received funding for our new startup. Appropriately, we named it Zadara, exactly like the date on which it was born (ZAdarA).

We started our company with the idea of developing software that will provide the same performance, reliability, security and features of an Enterprise SAN/NAS storage array, but for cloud users (something that seemed rather implausible at the time). Moreover, we wanted this software to employ all the great advantages we saw in the cloud: elasticity, scalability, and pay-per-use.  We wanted customers to have full control, speed, and security in the cloud, and this was the genesis of the Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™).

We gathered an existing expert team of engineers, developers and entrepreneurs, each with exceptional enterprise storage and networking experience. This team has been working together continuously for about 12 years – something quite unusual in the startup realm! This unique aspect of our company is one of our greatest advantages in not only building a rock solid product, but also in being able to adapt quickly to new challenges and implement new ideas rapidly. It was this phenomenal team that was able to create what people thought would be impossible. It was their in-depth knowledge, diligence, creativity and extraordinary teamwork that allowed us in just two years not only to develop a product from the ground up, but already be in production at major cloud providers and have built up a sizable pool of paying customers. (See our major milestone chart below.)
Our founding meeting! With Nelson Nahum, CEO, Lev Vainblat, Software Engineer, Robi Hartman, Chairman of the Board, Eli Shapira, Board Member, Alex Lyakas, Software Engineer, Yair Hershko, VP Engineering, Moshe Melnikov, Software Engineer and Mark Spowart, former CEO.


As CEO, I see us walking the path of successful companies: come up with an innovative idea in a fast-growing market, assemble a team of storage superstars, prove that the new product is needed, develop a rock solid technology, and prove that customers are willing to pay for the product. We managed to do all this in two short years!

What do I envision on Z Adar two years from today? I see Zadara Storage as the preferred storage product in the cloud! To find out what makes me so confident, I invite you to see for yourself! We have a special anniversary offer and a free trial. Sign up here.
Nelson Nahum, co-founder and CEO
Zadara Storage | Anniversary Graphic
Zadara Storage Major Milestones




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