Disaster Recovery Between US East and West Regions – Zadara Storage at AWS Summit SF

Zadara Storage is excited to attend the AWS Summit San Francisco next week on April 30, 2013.

Our on-demand VPSA block and file storage solution features virtual SAN and NAS with dedicated drives, dual controllers, RAID level selection, volume-wise IO throttling, volume sharing and clustering, full performance metering, and hourly usage billing. 

At the AWS Summit we will demonstrate our latest addition to the Enterprise-class features of our VPSA –remote asynchronous replication between storage volumes in AWS US East and AWS US West regions, respectively. 

These new capabilities make it possible to perform seamless failover of applications between AWS regions, e.g., during a disaster. This takes Virtual Private Storage Arrays to new Enterprise-class heights. With the new asynchronous remote mirroring capability, AWS customers will have the ability to quickly switch applications between regions. This capability is helpful not only for disaster recovery, but also in response to shifts in regional demand, planned downtime, and network outages or slowdowns.

We are delighted to showcase this at the summit – come visit us at booth no. 315, near the AWS lounge.

An official press release will be published on Monday April 29, 2013.


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