Huawei Zadara Joint Enterprise and Service Provider Solutions

Huwaei Zadara enterprise cloud storage
Huawei Zadara Joint Enterprise and SP Solutions
Showcasing at INTEROP 2013
Zadara™ Storage joins as a Huawei partner to bring to market powerful and predictable Enterprise Cloud Storage, designed for Service Providers (SPs) and Private Cloud deployments.

Huawei is the first information communications technology (ICT) solutions provider to partner with Zadara Storage and to offer its hardware servers packaged with the Zadara Storage Cloud software, an innovative software suite that transforms industry standard servers into powerful Enterprise-class storage. The Zadara Storage Cloud allows users to create NASand SAN Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA™) with a single-tenant quality of service (QoS) experience, thanks to dedicated drives, CPUs, memory and I/O. 
This powerful Huawei-Zadara hardware-software partnership enables its users to offer instantly-deployed, customized NAS and SAN as a service and brings forward an entire new approach to cloud storage deployment, with the ease of an appliance (no need for software installation). Huawei is a leading global brand providing quality ICT products with exceptional services, leading in Enterprise solutions and a growing US market.
The cloud and the virtualization of the datacenter, including software defined storage, are at the forefront of Enterprise IT. This new partnership offers SPs and Enterprises the best of traditional block and file storage combined with the scale and multi-tenancy of cloud storage.
Although the cloud is a shared environment, VPSAs provide dedicated resources isolated from (and not shared with) other cloud users, resulting in both data privacy and Predictable Performance™. Virtual Controllers (VCs) manage and present storage, ensuring high availability, security and performance.
Zadara Storage VPSAs are:
●      Truly Multi-Tenant
●      Fully Configurable
●      Metered and Billable
●      Secure and Reliable
●      Fast and Highly Available
Zadara will be joining Huawei at INTEROP May 7-10, 2013 in Las Vegas. We will be showcasing as a partner at the Huawei booth #1439 (see map below). Huwaei will be presenting various ICT solutions including Cloud Data Center solutions, under the title “connecting business opportunities in a better way”.
We are excited to showcase this new partnership and show Enterprise clients and Service Providers unprecedented scale, reliability, flexibility and data protection our solutions bring.
For more information please download our 2-page infosheets:


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