Zadara Storage Lowers SSD Prices Across all Clouds

Zadara Storage Lowers SSD Prices Across all Clouds

Growing scale and expanding relationships with SSD vendors brings price reduction and new efficiencies.

This week, Zadara Cloud Block Storage is happy to bring our Enterprise customers an even better Enterprise Cloud Storage service experience, by lowering prices on SSD drives across all clouds. High-volume SSD’s, which were priced at a higher-per-hour rate than high-volume SAS drives, are now competitively priced at:

  • 100GB SSD $0.10
  • 150GB SSD $0.15
  • 200GB SSD $0.20
  • 240GB SSD $0.24
These new prices are a result of hardware cost reductions due to Zadara Storage’s growing scale, and thanks to growing relationships with leading SSD vendors. SSD partnership announcements are upcoming. 
VPSA and Pricing
Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™) service is available at major public clouds as a Cloud NAS and SAN service. VPSA allows users to choose their cloud storage array performance through dedicated hardware and tuning options. That means hardware is not shared with any other users, and can provide Predictable Performance™ and a single-tenant Quality of Service experience. 
When creating a VPSA, customers have the choice of drives, RAID level, network bandwidth and Zadara Engine (CPU cores and cache memory), allowing customers full control of IOPS and throughput, optimized for their specific I/O access patterns.
All VPSA components are elastic, allowing them to grow, shrink or terminate on an hourly basis. Hourly pricing is determined by: 
1. Zadara Engine:
a. Baby1 CPU, 2GB RAM
b. Basic 2 CPU, 4GB RAM
c. Boost4 CPU, 8GB RAM 
d. Blazing8 CPU, 16GB RAM
2. Quantity of drives, priced according to:
Drive type (SSD, SAS, or SATA)
Volume (up to 1,000GB) 
RPM speed (7,200-15,000) 
3. Encryption features (data-at-rest and data-in-flight) 
VPSA and SSD Benefits
A VPSA looks and behaves exactly like an on-premise SAN and NAS storage array, yet it benefits from inexhaustible cloud elasticity, efficiency and cloud flexibility of pay-by-the-hour. 
Zadara’s VPSA not only offers QoS with Predictable Performance (through dedicated hardware), data encryption and full configurability, they also are highly-available with Cached Dual Controllers and RAID Data Redundancy.
SSD’s are used by our customers for ultra-high IOPS, specifically for clustering databases, and Shared Cloud Block Storage, as SSD IOPS especially benefit highest random reads. 
VPSA in Public Clouds
The Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA) are available at major cloud providers in both US-West and US-East regions. Register for a free trial here.

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