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Last week we announced Toshiba’s $3M strategic investment in Zadara Storage. We wanted to share some of the write ups and analysis published following our announcement, as well as the latest videos and interviews with our partners and team. Enjoy!

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Why you wanna go and put STaaS in their eyes? Toshiba pays $3m for Zadara

Another ‘X-as-a-service’ upstart, but this time with cash
By Chris Mellor, 2nd August 2013

Flash foundry operator Toshiba has invested $3m in a startup offering virtual private storage arrays in the cloud, citing a “unique and strong strategic fit” between the two companies.

Storage upstart Zadara offers its Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSAs) as storage-as-a-service, offering iSCSI or NFS-based storage. Customers can have their arrays hosted on Amazon Web Services, Rackspace or Dimension Data services. The VPSAs are connected to a customer’s application servers and can use SAS or SATA disk drives and SSDs.

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Virtual Private Cloud Storage Startup Zadara Nabs $3M from Toshiba

By Pedro Hernandez,  July 31, 2013 

Sensing an opportunity in cloud storage, Toshiba has poured $3 million into Zadara Storage, an Irvine, Calif.-based private cloud storage startup. The investment was made through the Japanese electronics giant’s semiconductor and flash storage division, Toshiba America Electronic Components (TEAC).

Zadara’s claim to fame is its Virtual Private Storage Array (VSPA), a commodity server and software combo that enables businesses to float secure and elastic private cloud storage. Aimed at both primary and secondary storage (backup) workloads, and appearing as iSCSI storage, VSPA isolates a user’s resources from a given cloud’s other users.

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Zadara Storage Delivers High-Performance Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service with Dimension Data

Zadara Storage, a provider of enterprise-class storage in the public cloud to deliver on-demand Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSAs) to businesses, teamed up with Dimension Data and its Managed Hosting Environment to enable clients to migrate mission-critical applications to the public cloud while still maintaining a high level of performance. Previously, if an application had high operational requirements, IT managers were forced to build a hybrid cloud environment with equipment on-premise. To make changes or adjustments required purchasing or reconfiguring physical equipment, a process that might take days or weeks to accomplish, and typically necessitated a long-term contractual commitment. By utilising on-demand VPSAs, IT managers can now instantly configure virtual storage arrays to their exact specifications, and because VPSAs are housed in a virtualized environment, users experience greater resiliency and flexibility.

Listen to Zadara Co-Founder and CEO, Nelson Nahum, talk about how Zadara’s relationship with Dimension Data has helped them achieve their goals and exceed their clients’ expectations.

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Red Hat OpenStack Partner Ecosystem

Our VP Noam Shendar, among Red Hat Partners discussing the opportunities around Red Hat OpenStack and the importance of having a strong ecosystem of partners that support their solutions with Red Hat.

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