Insights on the Enterprise Cloud Storage Market

The Cloud Storage Demands of Enterprise Customers

Following our announcement last week on launching Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service for AWS Customers in Japan, together with KVH Co. Ltd, Asia’s leading information delivery platform, we are happy to share the following interview on cloud storage demands of enterprise cloud storage customers, with  KVH Co. Ltd.  IT Services Product Manager, Matthew Edmond, and our VP Business Development, Noam Shendar. 

(Video length: 11:42)


00:00 Introduction

00:45 How does cloud storage differ from traditional storage?

Cloud storage comes in various forms, all sharing a commonality of flexibility and pay as you go framework. The absence of the need of upfront costs and high capex  for a data center, allows an easy entry for new businesses and processes that can grow and shrink on the fly, and forces an all new innovation to thrive. 

02:03 How has the introduction of cloud storage impacted the storage market?

The cloud model brought about an all new elastic compute requirement. It took something that was rigid and that required much advanced planning, preparation and upfront costs, and made it into something that is almost spontaneous.

03:03 What do you see as the main drivers / demands for cloud storage services?

It’s clear that start up companies leverage the cloud with a need to draw on demand storage. What we see is that cloud compute and storage environments get the work done better, and can allow teams to focus more on strategy and less on IT maintenance. Outsourcing is relevant not only for the physical storage, but also for reducing headcount, and managing of applications of data and compute. 

05:05 What other key demands/needs of your customers today do you think will play a key role in shaping the technologies of tomorrow? How do you think your services will evolve accordingly?

Customers are asking service providers to take more of their work load, and their problems. They don’t want to be the ones plugging in cables and servers, as this takes away from their core focus. They see a great advantage in handing this off. 

KVH Co. Ltd. sees a great need to partner off with top-notch technologies, such as Zadara Storage, that bring about a whole new way for enterprises to do business. The offerings of the two companies combined provide for a data center on demand, where customers have all their IT needs met, from A-Z, in any capacity, and adapting to the needs of each customer. 

06:40 What would be your advice to enterprises currently assessing whether they should migrate to a cloud storage environment?

The term cloud has become over hyped with many enterprise leaders still not fully understanding its impact or benefits. This is specifically a challenge in the financial industry due to their experience. But at the heart of the enterprise is its data, and big data. Finally the cloud has matured to not only be potentially able to handle mission critical workloads, it is in fact handling them today. Customers are placing their primary applications in the cloud, as this is simply the most efficient way to get things done. Security and privacy that have also been a hold back for adoption, now have sufficient solutions. 

09:20 How are your services addressing the needs of multinational customers?

Enterprises are global businesses and need to be provided with true online high availability. Zadara Storage’s product was built for demanding workloads and demanding customers, and have recently deployed live replication features for multiple instances running at large distances, to ensure data protection and business continuity should any disaster at one location occur. 

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