Virtual Private Storage Array Enterprise Suite pricing

It has been an incredible few weeks seeing the response to VPSA™ Enterprise Suite, our major new release; from industry feedback and coverage to welcoming new customers who are already deploying our SAN and NAS in the Cloud solutions.


One of the first questions we are asked about our product is in respect to our pricing. So let’s help clarify how our Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service is billed and charged on an hourly basis at off-premise locations in public clouds and colocation facilities. 
If you are a service provider, or seeking an on-premise private cloud solution, please contact us directly. We offer several business flexibility models. The following example is for public cloud and co-lo customers. 

VPSA™ Solutions 

The graphic below provides a quick overview of the two VPSA™ solutions we currently offer and available cloud and colocation provider locations (we will be announcing additional locations shortly – you can sign up to our newsletter at the end of this post, and to be first to hear new location news as well as new available features)

VPSA Base Edition pricing 

Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA™) is an iSCSI/NFS/CIFS storage array in the Cloud, connected to your Cloud servers. Each VPSA has dual controllers (HA, performance and security), dedicated drives, your choice of SSD, SAS or SATA drives and RAID configuration. If you are not familiar with VPSA, please visit our website to learn more.

The table below outlines some of the differentiating capabilities of the Base Edition VPSA™  in the public cloud, including our latest added features: SSD caching and thin provisioning. Aall features listed below are included in the Base Edition VPSA™ price:

Service Menu
Zadara Storage
Leading Storage Service
Defined Controller Performance
Drive Type Selection
RAID Level Selection
Database and OLTP IOPS
Optional, up to 4,000
Low Latency
Built-in Performance Monitoring
Block Volumes
NFS/CIFS Volumes
Large Volumes (>2TB)
Volume Clustering/Sharing
Access from multiple Availability Zones (AZ)
Dedicated Drives
By the hour
By the month
SSD caching
Yes (new!)
Thin Provisioning
Yes (new!)

VPSA™ Base Edition pricing – nearing $0.10/GB/month

Base Edition VPSA™ pricing is determined by two criteria:
1. Your choice of Zadara Engine 
Your engine combined with your Drive selection defines your QoS IOPS and Throughput through memory and processing. You can choose from four engine levels: Baby, Basic, Boost, and Blazing.

2. Quantity and type of drives
To suit high-performance as well as repository storage needs, each location offers a selection of SSD and spindle drive types, including disks  up to 3,000GB and a range of RPM speeds. Each drive type is priced differently. As you get ready to create your VPSA you must be aware that the drives will be configured later in the process using RAID 1 (2 drives or more in groups of 2) or RAID 5 (3,4 or 5 drives in a group)

VPSA™ overall pricing begins at $0.79/hour, with a configuration of a Baby engine (1 CPU and 4GB RAM) and a three dedicated SSD.  As VPSA™ is an elastic solution, you can tune your performance (and price) up, or down, according to need. There are no commitments, and you can terminate your VPSA™ at any time. 

VPSA™ Enterprise Suite Pricing – $0.49/hour

The VPSA™ Enterprise Suite is an added set of Enterprise data management features that customers can deploy on top of VPSA™ Base Edition. 

The Suite includes 4 major features for business continuity and disaster recovery:

  • Encryption (of data-at-rest and data-in-flight)
  • Policy driven, low-impact snapshots (unlimited number of instantly-available zero-capacity ReadWrite snapshots)
  • Zero-capacity clones 
  • Asynchronous remote replication (across regions and cloud providers)

As our VPSA™ is a single solution available at multiple locations,  you can seamlessly replicate across multiple cloud providers, regions or colocation facilities.

The VPSA™ Enterprise Suite is priced at $0.49/hour, and is a fixed fee charged in addition to your VPSA™ Base Edition costs, equalling $1.28/hour for entry Enterprise Suite. 

Free trial

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