No SAN No NAS – Taming Enterprise Storage In The Cloud

Ofir Nachmani interviews Nelson Nahum on enabling private storage in the public cloud (sdr News)

Zadara Storage was one of only two storage companies presenting at AWS re:Invent. Ofir Nachmani of caught up with our CEO Nelson Nahum to discuss how Zadara Storage is helping to overcome the gap between Amazon’s S3 and EBS storage, and enterprise storage as exists in data centers today.

Watch the interview below to learn about Virtual Private Storage Array solution, how Zadara Storage customers are migrating business applications and databases to the cloud with enterprise features such as NFS, CIFS, clustering, remote replication, snapshots and thin provisioning, and about our unique relationship with AWS as a technology partner and one of their biggest Direct Connect customers. Zadara Storage service at AWS is easy to deploy, and within one minute customers can have a private IP address with dedicated resource that look local to their EC2 machine.

“AWS users and enterprise customers realize that S3 and EBS services don’t allow for the tools and configurations for storage that have been available for years. Zadara allows NFS, remote replication, cluster support and other storage techniques that are familiar tools to the enterprise user. Totally private storage up to hundreds of terrabytes can be implemented as a premium storage feature, at the price of Amazon but extended on your own hardware, using AWS Direct Connect.”

The interview is made available through sdr News  [07:58]:


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