Five Years of Rapid Growth, Rooted Foundations and Global Expansion

Zadara at Five Years

Five years ago, a small group of us recognized that the storage industry was in turmoil. The trend of exponential user capacity growth that had dominated the industry for the past several decades was showing no sign of slowing down. To complicate matters even more, the value of the user data was also increasing rapidly. In other words, companies were becoming more and more dependent on storage that they could not properly manage. We decided there was a need for a new type of storage solution.

Fast-forward five years and I am proud to say that our unique technology made Zadara Storage an industry leading provider of award winning Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS). Our solution uniquely provides enterprise-grade storage in the cloud, on-premise and in hybrid configurations. We are sold in every major country and provide the underlying storage infrastructure for some of the largest companies worldwide.

We have worked hard to build a company whose roots comprise some of the best minds in the industry and whose DNA is built around customer service. On this solid foundation, we have built solutions that solve real world customer challenges.

As I reflect back on the past five years, I am humbled by the tremendous accomplishments of our team, as well as the incredible customers that we consider part of the Zadara family. I would like to personally thank you for your support. I and the rest of the Zadara Storage team look forward to continued growth in the coming years!

Nelson Nahum
CEO and co-founder
Zadara Storage


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