Introduction to the New Zadara Features


Learn about Zadara Object Storage, Fibre Channel connectivity, and more

We recently announced our biggest product update in company history. Our goal with the release of new Zadara features was to ensure the Zadara Storage solutions align with the dynamically changing worlds of our customers.  To accomplish this, we added and enhanced some key new features to be able to provide a complete and universal storage solution where you can have support any data type, using any protocol, and in any location. Our recent release includes:

  • Object Storage
  • Large Cache
  • Fibre Channel connectivity
  • Large SSD drives
  • VMware SRM support
  • Improved security
  • NAS Improvements
  • Adjustments to Engine/Drive ratios

All of these diverse enhancements play a large part in their own way. Here, we’ve broken down the specific updates, why they matter and how they’ll help you. We are excited to be able to continue to help users focus on managing their business, rather than managing their storage.  Storage should be an enabler to business success, rather than a barrier.

Intelligent Object Storage (ZIOS)

The details: Zadara now supports Object storage, in addition to block and file. Customers can now choose the type of storage that meets their needs – all as-a-service, with dedicated compute resources.

The benefits: Object-based storage provides cost-effective, highly scalable capacity for data types that are relatively static such as multimedia, backup, big data archiving and web content.


Large Cache

The details: Zadara now allows for very large SSD cache, up to 3.2TB. This cache can be added in 200GB increments depending on the engine size.

The benefits: Flash Cache significantly improves I/O performance and can be combined with HDD to create optimal performance ratios.  With Zadara Storage, you can test and adjust your drive type ratios until you find the most appropriate configuration.


Fibre Channel

The details: Zadara now provides 16Gbs Fibre Channel connectivity in addition to iSCSI and iSER. This is based on QLogic Dual-ported FC HBAs.

The benefits: Compatibility with traditional data centers built using Fibre Channel SANs.


Large SSD Drives

The details: Zadara can now support high capacity SSDs (1.6TB)

The benefits: Higher-capacity SSDs provide greater performance at improved price-points.


VMware SRM Support

The details: Zadara now provides a Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) to interface between VMware and Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and Zadara replicated volumes.

The benefits: Customers using VMware SRM now have the ability to use Zadara Storage for their full DR Solution and receive guaranteed protection


Improved Security

The details: Embracing a goal of continuous improvement, a variety of security enhancements have been made to the Zadara Storage Cloud. When corporate data is the lifeblood of any organization, Zadara recognizes the need to maintain state-of-the-art security standards.

The benefits: Users can be comfortable that their data is protected by robust security architectures and that with each release, Zadara continues to maintain current with the latest technologies.


NAS Improvements

The details: There have been many improvements to our NAS solution in the areas of management and file system performance.

The benefits: Overall, we continue to enhance our core products to ensure the greatest flexibility and highest levels of performance.


We’re very excited about these new features. Please contact us with any questions. 

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