Innovate Now at the Zadara® Summit 2018

Innovate Now at the Zadara® Summit 2018
Innovate Now at the Zadara® Summit 2018
Discover why the most successful enterprise and service provider businesses worldwide are innovating now to gain competitive advantage using Zadara storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions. Zadara delivers private, hybrid, and public cloud storage with comprehensive enterprise functionality.

Why Storage Experts Want to Innovate Now

Today’s cloud economics are so compelling that businesses of all sizes and industries are innovating now and refreshing their corporate strategy to incorporate service-based information technology (IT).

The as-a-service economics model is compelling

There is much evidence that cloud infrastructure is growing in popularity, including a recent research report published by IT Brand Pulse that finds that 25% of storage spending is now OpEx and forecasts this will grow to 50% by 2020 and 80% by 2023.

The rapid adoption of the cloud is one reason why the IT experts are looking for more ways to leverage the cloud to accelerate innovation. However, the cloud storage options available to businesses from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others are missing some of the advanced features required to support typical enterprise database and application workloads.

Cloud storage options offer limited functionality

Many enterprise storage systems offer functionality not generally available from public cloud alternatives. Enterprise functionality not available from public cloud services include:


Controllers, non-volatile memory (NVM) caching, high-performance SSDs, and high-capacity HDDs.


FC, iSCSI, NFS, SMB/CIFS, S3, and Swift protocols plus block, file, and object storage.

Local mirroring, remote replication, offsite backup, disaster recovery (DR), and business continuity (BC).

Thin provisioning, instant snapshots, instant read/write access clones, embedded containers, data-at-rest, and in-flight encryption, customer managed encryption keys, online volume migration, multi-tenancy, predictable and consistent QoS, data mobility, usage tracking with metered billing and more.

Scale-up and scale-down to adjust capacity and performance to match present needs.

Businesses are seeking better on-premises storage to innovate now

Businesses have responded to the challenges of running traditional enterprise database and application workloads on-premises by beginning to leverage different kinds of cloud-like services. They desire an Enterprise Storage as a Service solution that overcomes the limitation of traditional enterprise storage systems from Dell EMC, NetApp, and other legacy providers and delivers reduced opex and zero capex.

Enterprise data centers have invested years of resources in consolidating IT workloads to minimize costs and simplifying IT operations to maximize productivity. The prospect of having to discard this work and change data center architectures to broadly utilize public cloud storage becomes objectionable. That’s why businesses expect IT-as-a-service to adapt to their enterprise environments—something Zadara delivers today as enterprise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS).

Zadara delivers on-premises private clouds as a service, combining the best of enterprise-class block, file and object data storage with an agile, STaaS business model to provide the ultimate enterprise storage solution. Unique benefits include ending expensive and disruptive storage refresh cycles, converting storage costs from capex-centric to pay-as-you-go opex-centric budgets, and including the richest collection of enterprise data management and protection features.

Service providers need better cloud storage to innovate for clients

With Zadara, storage IaaS effectively becomes STaaS—a managed service that runs on-premises and in the cloud. Zadara Storage Cloud today delivers STaaS offering the most comprehensive solution for service providers. Storage Cloud combines comprehensive enterprise functionality for clients with pay-as-you-go consumption-based pricing, non-disruptive capacity and performance scaling, and secure multi-tenant isolation with chargeback usage billing for service providers.

Without Zadara, service providers often rely on a collection of private, hybrid, and public cloud options to support the need of their clients and themselves. Otherwise, they purchase storage using a traditional CapEx model and use it to build custom services which involves time-consuming and expensive work. This results in service providers designing, deploying, and managing custom environments. These environments combine a mix of enterprise systems and cloud services. Some are located on-premises and the rest in the cloud as software-defined storage (SDS) composed of public cloud compute connected to public cloud storage and running third-party SDS software. Zadara Storage Cloud eliminates the need for service providers to use custom solutions while creating a turnkey, risk-free, attractive total cost-of-ownership IT infrastructure model.

The Zadara Storage-as-a-Service Solution

Zadara delivers STaaS to enterprise and service provider clients using a portfolio of products running the same Zadara software and using the same industry-standard hardware. The essential difference in products relates to where the STaaS hardware is physically located (on-premise or in the cloud) and how the storage is provisioned (block, file, or object), as follows:

     Zadara Storage Cloud as On-Premises as-a-Service (OPaaS)

     Zadara Storage Cloud as cloud-connected Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA®)

In every scenario, Zadara STaaS clients provision storage wherever it is needed without concerns about available performance or capacity. The Zadara service universally delivers services that meets all business use-cases for enterprises and service providers using a pay-per-use model supported by operating expense (OpEx) budgets.

Innovate Now at the Zadara Summit 2018

Now that you’ve read about how Zadara uniquely solves the cloud storage dilemma for enterprise and service provider businesses, we invite you to join us at our annual meeting for partners and customers on June 4 – 7 at Las Vegas where we plan to reveal more insight into present and future Zadara storage-as-a-service solutions.

Join us for four days packed with exclusive industry tips, valuable networking opportunities, and exciting nights of entertainment. Learn from industry experts who have utilized innovative Zadara solutions to realize incredible business success. Connect with technology experts from a broad range of industries as well as Zadara executives and staff. Enjoy nights of entertainment in the electrifying city of Las Vegas.

View the summit agenda and learn how to register at

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