Predictions of Zadara for 2019

2019 will see MSPs take a comprehensive and attentive approach to cloud migration, one that ensures BC, according to Noam Shendor, VP & GM, Hyperscale Cloud Business Zadara Storage, Inc.

While cloud migration a few years back was perceived by IT teams as complicated and risky, the advantages of cloud computing including its economics and enhanced performance, have encouraged organisations of all sizes and across every industry to adopt it.

IDC reports that 85% of companies adopted a multi-cloud strategy in 2018. Indeed, with a multicloud strategy organisations enhance their performance, avoid vendor lock-in and reduce the chances of successful DDoS attacks.

But managing a multi-cloud environment comes with a set of challenges and pitfalls and that’s where BC comes in play. In 2019, MSPs will look for a solution that addresses each and every step of the migration to ensure BC. A complete and successful cloud migration takes careful planning and execution and MSPs who don’t address this will suffer from setbacks.

2019 will also see firms adopting an ‘as a service’ approach in greater numbers. Over the last couple of years, Zadara reached a tipping point in terms of the technology, the bandwidth, and the available solutions, and companies now see they can run their entire IT stack through vendors that offer them relief from the risk and burden of sourcing, purchasing, and managing infrastructure. For this approach to be successful, however, companies must find vendors that not only have the latest whiz-bang technology but are operationally mature.

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