1000+ Cloud Locations by end of 2021

When Zadara was founded in 2011, we focused on one thing. Eliminating the technical, operational, and financial risks associated with enterprise data storage and management. To put it simply, procuring, designing and maintaining traditional enterprise storage systems was — and still is — complex. But why? We have come to expect enterprise storage with complicated pricing schemes from traditional vendors. These typically required customers to predict their capacity needs 3-5 years out from when they sign a long-term, fine-print laden contract.

The ‘new normal’ we live in today has underscored the importance of resilient and flexible enterprise infrastructure. We know there’s a better – easier – way to consume modern storage and compute services to meet the needs of today’s enterprise workloads.

Zadara pioneered enterprise Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) and continues to offer the only 100%-OpEx enterprise storage solution available on premises that can expand and shrink at any time. Today that still means no upfront expense or custom IT redesigns are required to get started. We’ve developed our solutions to meet the demands of a hybrid IT world, we provide industry-leading storage and compute solutions as a fully-managed service, and we deliver consistent, dependable performance with a 100%-SLA guarantee. We are proud to offer a single system to manage any data type, any protocol, anywhere in the world. 

Managing a data center is costly, as are DevOps and IT resources required to run them. With the consumption-based model, organizations can provision a virtual private storage array (VPSA) within 90 seconds anywhere in the world. If you are in California you can manage your data stored in Machu Picchu with ease and the support of a seasoned 24×7 DevOps team. It should be that easy. 

STaaS is gaining traction and popularity as flexibility is increasingly being seen as business-critical and consumption-based models make more business sense. And Zadara continues to be praised for its mature, easy-to-use solution by analysts customers and partners. 

But unlike other providers, at any time, Zadara’s service provider partners and customers can scale up, down, or hibernate on-demand, as well as hardware replacements at any time without penalties or hidden fees. To be successful with such a model, we must – and will – remain committed to earning relationships with our customers and partners every day. 

Zadara Reports 93% Increase in Gross Profit YoY

Especially during times of business uncertainty, flexibility is what sets Zadara apart as a modern infrastructure partner with the only true 100%-OpEx model requiring no upfront expense or custom IT redesigns to get started. 

Zadara has always chosen the path of sustainable growth. After 17-consecutive quarters of growth, we are proud to share our gross profit year-over-year has increased 93%. This was driven by the strength of our partner network and 100% increase in new customers year-over-year. I am very proud of the team at Zadara and thankful for the loyalty and partnership from our customers and managed service provides. 

We recognize the vital role storage services play in supporting global businesses, customers, and partners. Zadara has remained in a fortunate position where we can are fully operational throughout this difficult time. To support our communities, we’ve been able to play a small role by delivering free storage services to those industries hardest hit by the pandemic. This includes hospitals, health care providers, retailers, and local governments. We continue to look for ways to support our global network throughout these uncertain times with real-time access to reliable storage. 

Over 300 Cloud Locations Today — 1000+ by the end of 2021

The strength of Zadara’s model comes from our global partner network. Over the last year, Zadara doubled our partner network. Today we have more than 300 points of presence globally supported by best-in-class service providers, including Cyxtera, Sandz, Viatel, CenturyLink, Equinix, NTT, Verizon, K3 Starcom. Our public-cloud providers include AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

With 300 locations, that is 10x more dispersed than AWS today. By the end of 2021 we expect to have over 1000 locations in our partner network allowing us to serve our customers with edge-like capabilities to solve for low-latency. 

Zadara brings to our partner network a true multi-tenant storage solution that can support varying workloads, like databases, backup, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), multi-cloud, block, file and object, solid state drives (SSD), and hard disk drives (HDD) — all in a consumption-based storage solution and fully managed by the company’s 24×7 DevOps team.

To support the company’s growing global demand, Zadara opened a new office in Tokyo earlier this year and expanded its coverage footprint by adding new points-of-presence in South Africa and Turkey via new MSP partners. The team at Zadara grew 70% year-over-year, and we’ve been able to avoid any personnel changes as a result of this global crisis. We recognize how fortunate we have been. With each new location, this strengthens the value we can deliver to our managed service providers network, partners, and end-users. Our partners are the key to our continued success and growth.

Storage Made Simple

Today storage is still too complicated. Just earlier this year, NASA made headlines for failing to factor in egress costs for its 276 petabytes of data required to retrieve that data from the cloud. This isn’t right. 

You deserve to have reliable, predictable storage with pricing you can understand and build your business around. This means no hidden fees. Zadara and its network remain committed to making simple consumption-based “as-a-service” a reality. 

Zadara is trusted by industry-leading telecom providers, retailers, financial institutions, healthcare companies and hospitals via our network of MSP partners. This ensures that no matter where you are in the world you have a local MSP Partner that can provide you the Zadara storage service. Zadara is for any organization that requires storage as flexible as they are, no matter the protocol, location or data type. 

Today we have over 300 locations, and soon we will have over 1000 to service our growing network of customers and partners.

Nelson Nahum,
CEO and co-founder, Zadara

Picture of Zadara Team

Zadara Team

Since 2011, Zadara’s Edge Cloud Platform (ZCP) simplifies operational complexity through automated, end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage and network resources.

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