Meet Data Storage Science, A Zadara Service Provider Partner

They say you should surround yourself with the brightest people you can find – which is why we’re thrilled to welcome solution integrator Data Storage Science to the Zadara partner network!

Organizations who already work with DSS love their customer-first focus, problem solving ability, and attention to detail.

We sat down with CTO Dan Pollack from Data Storage Science to find out more about the how they are helping their customers adapt to the new normal.


How have customer goals changed in 2020 with the new normal of remote work?

Most of our customers have mature remote work capabilities. They did require a bit of scaling up to accommodate 100% remote work, but the practice was already established. 

Access to office resources has been the main issue. We’re advising people to be proactive and strong on communication, since there aren’t any quick chats in the hallway at this time.


Which data challenges are customers most often asking you to solve lately?

Customers come to DSS when they can see a storage or infrastructure problem coming, but don’t know how to solve it. Often they have an overworked technology staff and need the skill sets and throughput DSS can offer. We apply our expertise in a technology-agnostic way, to give them the best results for their business.


You work with customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare and government. Are there specific data management and protection challenges unique to them?

Government agencies have to work within significant oversight and compliance requirements. They’re only allowed to procure approved services, products and personnel. We help them sidestep problems around that – when we deliver advice or services to our government customers, we recommend solutions that are already approved and complaint.


Finally, what should organizations be looking for in a storage and backup solution? Are there things they often overlook?

The days of a specific storage system for individual applications are long gone – or at least they should be.

Customers should look for a flexible and manageable storage solution. It should address multiple needs along the traditional axes of capacity, performance, and availability. 

The question to ask is: “How can we modernize infrastructure in a way that removes restrictive technologies and enable efficiency?” These are the kinds of goals DSS helps our customers reach.

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