Cybersecurity Innovator Pratum, Inc Uses Zadara to Reduce Latency

Speed matters, especially when it comes to cybersecurity and threat detection. Every security event faced by Pratum’s customers, from successful logins to attempted intrusions, is aggregated, analyzed in real-time, and stored in order to strengthen security insight and response.

For this reason, Pratum sought a storage partner that would enable the company to continuously scale up its storage and the customer experience. Pratum must deliver a fast user experience and data needs to be kept readily available for their customers in diverse industries including banking, government, and healthcare.

Low latency was a key objective for Pratum. They offer a full-suite information security services, including virtual CISO (vCISO), managed SIEM, penetration testing, IT risk management, and compliance services to customers nationwide. The systems that underpin Pratum managed solutions need to ingest 60,000 real-time security events per second (EPS) and counting – EPS has quadrupled since the company started.

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“When somebody requests a security report or investigation, it’s got to be quick,” explains Steve Healey, Chief Technology Officer at Pratum. “We knew we were going to need around 10Gb/s of bandwidth. But more importantly, latency has to be 5ms or less. Ideally, we want microseconds, but that’s difficult when you’ve got multiple cloud storage vendors.”

Steve and his team found that historically when they purchased infrastructure up-front and managed themselves ourselves it took longer to provision and they needed a lot of notice if we were going to work with a larger customer. Pratum, therefore, needed more flexibility and speed to provision new customers, including large enterprises, quickly.

Zadara helped the company meet these challenges by providing a storage architecture designed for scale and performance, in a managed cloud solution that has greatly reduced its management burden. Pratum also addressed some of their challenges of self-managing storage by leveraging AWS cloud storage.

Pratum’s high performance and low latency solution was achieved through continuous testing and optimization with support and services from Zadara. “We’ve been able to run tests, scale up the environment, see the effects of adding more memory or processing power, and what that will do for the workload,” says Steve.

Customers notice the difference! Optimizing performance and operations has led to a noticeably better customer experience. “The result is reduced wait times for results to be returned and that’s the most prominent to the customer. Our security analysts also get a faster experience. They can see that level of performance change.”

Want the full story? Download the case study for details from our conversation with Pratum’s CTO Steve Healey.

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