Affordable Object Storage without the Outages: Why Service Provider IPDS Trusts Zadara

Backup and disaster recovery (DR) are required critical services for both business continuity and compliance. Service provider, IP DataSystems, Inc. (IPDS) needed a storage partner that could deliver the simplicity, data availability, and performance required for their backup and disaster recovery solutions. If your cloud storage provider is regularly experiencing outages, this could put their customers or business at risk. 

“Our previous storage provider became a single point of failure for us, with weekly outages that put our customer contracts at risk.” says Chris Moss, Cloud Solutions Manager at IPDS, Inc. “We needed a solution that was dedicated, that was ours, even if we didn’t actually need to buy it.”

After researching a crowded field of providers, IPDS selected Zadara’s fully-managed cloud storage solution. 

“If we can’t give customers back their data whenever they need it, we lose that business,” says Chris. “We moved away from our previous partner because it couldn’t meet that need. It wasn’t dedicated, it wasn’t reliable, it was over-subscribed, and because we were using shared resources we couldn’t always get customers their data back. That’s a big reason why we’re now using Zadara.”

Zadara provided IPDS with managed cloud storage that includes dedicated resources, a dedicated Internet connection, and a dedicated load balancer. The solution was also more economical than major cloud platforms. Zadara provides 100% OpEx storage-as-a-service that is fully-managed by a team of expert engineers. With dedicated virtual private storage arrays (VPSAs), Zadara customers benefit from dedicated resources on your premises or with a chosen cloud provider.  

“We want to be the best in the business at backup and DR and continue to grow,” says Chris. “With the Zadara solution, we’ve freed up the resources we need to become better at what we do and add new services where there is customer demand.”

“Short of the ISP going down, we’re now covered for availability and speed,” says Chris. “There are the big boys, like Amazon and Azure, but they’re not competitive from a pricing perspective. And you’re never guaranteed to have dedicated resources with them.”

Having fewer problems to solve, and not worrying about outages, has enabled IPDS to spend more time creating new services that address its customers’ challenges.

“Any time there’s been a question, a concern, or even a service we needed help with, the Zadara team has been extremely responsive. I know that if something goes wrong, we’re going to get individual service and not just a blast email that says, ‘we’re working on it.’”

Want the full story? Download the case study for details from our conversation with Chris Moss, Cloud Solutions Manager at IPDS, Inc

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