Run Your Demanding Workloads on Zadara zStorage Flash Arrays with Auto Tiering

Critical business workloads require high performance storage and these days those requirements are met with solid state drives (SSDs). Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) Flash Arrays deliver the performance, low latency, reliability and efficiency these workloads demand. 

Most of these storage workloads will have some portion of the data they generate that is not accessed regularly once written. Infrequently accessed data if not managed, will use high-performance SSDs inefficiently. Tiering this data to lower-cost storage like hard disk drives and/or S3 based object storage is an easy way to reclaim SSD capacity.

Zadara zStorage recently released our latest version and among several new features, this version introduces Zadara Automatic Storage Tiering  which allows a high-performance storage VPSA Flash Array to host frequently accessed critical data, while relocating the colder data to a capacity optimized tier (which can be hard disk drive (HDD) based or S3 compliant object storage). Manageability is unimpaired because the metadata is centralized, allowing visibility to all data as usual while zStorage automatically manages the location of the underlying data blocks. In addition, utilizing Zadara’s Data Reduction (deduplication and compression) features further optimizes your storage resource utilization while maximizing use of your precious OpEx spend. Lastly, use of these Tiered Pools is transparent to the application and allows enterprises to take advantage of cloud economics without sacrificing performance or having to re-architect solutions to leverage storage efficiency.

Zadara’s Tiering is different from similar solutions in the market in that it allows for the ‘colder’ data to be stored in a cloud based object storage tier or local hard disk drive option. It is a continuous process (compared to other approaches which moves data occasionally based simply on it’s age) and in line with Zadara’s simplified pricing model, is included free of charge with zStorage.

Eliminate technical, operational, and financial risk.

Zadara eliminates the technical, operational, and financial risks associated with enterprise storage, by delivering industry-leading enterprise SAN, NAS and Object storage as a fully-managed service, flexibility for performance optimized SSDs or cost optimized hard disk drives with 24/7 proactive monitoring and support, backed by a 100%-uptime guarantee, and wrapped in a pay-only-for- what-you-use model.

Transform your business with zero-risk enterprise storage.

Zadara transforms storage-related costs from a variable mix of equipment and management expenses to a predictable, on-demand, pay-per-use, elastic service that greatly simplifies planning, streamlines budgeting, and improves return on investment (ROI). Find out how zero-risk enterprise storage can help you transform your business. Call or email today.

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Since 2011, Zadara’s Edge Cloud Platform (ZCP) simplifies operational complexity through automated, end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage and network resources.

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