Zadara leads Pure Storage, NetApp and IBM in GigaOm Storage-as-a-Service ranking

The GigaOm Sonar report is designed to help businesses choose the best provider of storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions – and in the newest edition, Zadara scores higher than Pure Storage, NetApp, IBM and every other STaaS vendor covered. In fact, Zadara is the only provider to receive the highest rating of “Exceptional” across all of the seven criteria in the report. Naturally, we’re delighted all of our team’s hard work is paying off! GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti highlights why Zadara excels in every area:
  • Initial commitment – There’s no minimum commitment with Zadara. Pricing is simple and consistent.
  • Ease of use – Solutions are fully managed by Zadara. UIs and APIs are easy to use.
  • Breadth of solution – As well as providing block, file, and object storage, available on premises and in the cloud, Zadara also offers EC2-compatible compute and its Federated Edge program.
  • Multi-tenancy – Zadara is fully multi-tenant with good reporting and chargeback capabilities.
  • Ecosystem – Zadara has always been based on STaaS and it has deployed more than 300 petabytes worldwide
You can download the report and read GigaOm’s analysis of Zadara and other vendors now – just click below.

The business case for STaaS

The Sonar report also includes an introduction to STaaS itself – making it useful if you’re new to this approach to data storage. Unlike traditional storage purchasing models, STaaS offers a subscription-based mechanism. GigaOm believes businesses are choosing STaaS because they want a cloud-like experience, cost control to move their budget from CapEx to OpEx and reduce financial risk, and elastic IT to cope with high business seasonality. “STaaS is quickly becoming a big differentiator for on-premises storage,” says the report. “Not only does it simplify the purchasing process, it also makes the infrastructure elastic.”

Zadara’s advantage over other vendors

Summarizing why it believes we have the edge over competing vendors, GigaOm notes Zadara’s deep experience. While other vendors are just getting on board, STaaS has always been a core part of our philosophy. “Zadara is the leader because it’s business model and product offering has always been based on this consumption model,” says the report. “The other major storage players are scattered across the chart because they all started from a different initial concept and implementation of the service, with some of them focused on infrastructure while others are more targeted toward a cloud-consumption model.”

Download the report now

We’ve shared our summary of what the GigaOm STaaS Sonar report says about Zadara. But if you’d like to read the full analysis – not just about Zadara, but all the other vendors too – we’ve got a copy of the report waiting for you. And if you’d like to try Zadara, or ask us anything about storage-as-a-service, please contact us. Download the GigaOm Storage report
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