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Zadara Edge Cloud makes it easy to handle operational challenges, empowering Service Providers and forward-thinking Enterprises to offer scalable distributed computing and data services, laying the foundation for cutting-edge applications. With over 500 edge clouds, Zadara Edge Cloud opens doors to on-demand, pay-per-use resources for computing, networking, and storage. It seamlessly supports any data type, any protocol, and can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring our partners and the Enterprise stay ahead of the competition.While the news of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware made waves last year, the realities of that transaction continue to ripple through the industry. With the company’s most recent announcement of the elimination of the Partner Connect Program, legions of (now) former VMware channel partners have been not only left scratching their heads but also, for the first time, seriously looking at VMware alternatives.  

In assessing the competition, there are certain considerations to evaluate such as features, products, support services, etc, and each alternative brings its own package. However, after years of working with our customers, Zadara has found that nailing the basics of offering  reliable compute, storage and networking , in a flexible manner, and which fits our customer’s business models, is a winning recipe.   

In fact, Zadara’s main value proposition to our Zadara Edge Cloud  customers is that we offer fully managed edge cloud environments, delivered on-prem or in the cloud, in an OpEx pricing model.  

Fully Managed Environments

One of the benefits of Zadara over VMware is its fully managed environments, eliminating the need for extensive staff training and allowing companies to prioritize core business objectives. This streamlined on-demand cloud approach requires less maintenance, saving businesses valuable work hours, along with more resources to focus on innovation and growth. Furthermore, the managed service ensures that companies will always operate in a stable environment, which reduces the risk of technical problems and minimizes downtime.

Sovereign Cloud Capabilities

With the ability to install a cloud anywhere, even in a customer’s data center, Zadara offers true sovereign cloud capabilities. This is particularly important for businesses looking to expand globally, who need to adhere to local regulations in specific countries while still having the flexibility offered by the cloud. Moreover, this ability to strategically position data in compliance with diverse laws serves to foster a secure and adaptable approach to global operations.

On-Demand Consumption

Zadara’s pricing model is based on a consumption model . This provides businesses with the ability to only pay for the resources they use and helps to eliminate hidden fees, providing predictable billing, thus working with you as you scale  up or scale down your IT resource needs .  Pay-per-use  provides companies with exceptional flexibility  for their business needs, which can help to increase profitability by allowing them to scale their operations without an increase in fixed costs.

Given the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, many companies are looking for alternatives that provide the same level of quality yet are flexible enough to be tailored to their business model. Zadara’s fully managed on-demand edge cloud solution provides a great means for businesses to achieve this goal. From offering efficiencies in terms of resources, to bringing added layers of financial and geographic flexibility, Zadara has created a solution for our customers that they can count on to bring their business forward. 

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