Zadara vs Enterprise Storage Vendors

How does Zadara Storage compare with the leading Enterprise Data Storage Companies like Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp & Pure Storage?

Enterprise Data Storage Companies

Zadara storage was conceived and architected to deliver enterprise storage, with a flexible consumption opex model. While major legacy storage providers like Dell EMC, HPE, NetApp, and Pure Storage have recently announced products that claim to provide similar functionality, experience matters. Only Zadara offers true on-demand enterprise storage with no minimums and no commitment. Only Zadara provides equipment upgrades, on request, and at no extra charge. And only Zadara includes a 100% uptime guarantee.

What is Enterprise storage?

Enterprise storage – Enterprise storage is a centralized repository for business information that provides common data management, protection and data sharing functions through connections to computer systems. Because enterprises deal with heavy workloads of business-critical information, enterprise storage systems should be scalable for workloads of hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes without relying on excessive cabling or the creation of subsystems. Other important aspects of an enterprise storage system are unlimited connectivity and support for multiple platforms.

Public-Cloud Storage Solutions

Get the benefits of Zadara’s enterprise data storage solutions right within your public-cloud computing environment.

Amazon Web Services

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Google Cloud Platform

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Microsoft Azure

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