Zadara vs Hyperscale Public Clouds

How does Zadara storage compare with the leading Hyperscale public cloud providers like AWS, AZURE, GCP and Oracle Cloud?


Zadara vs Public Cloud Companies

Zadara delivers the enterprise storage capabilities that IT organizations lose when moving to baseline storage offerings from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle. Maintain control over your enterprise data with dedicated resources, user-managed encryption keys (in-flight and at-rest encryption), and file system quotas. Maximize data availability with application-aware backups, snapshots, clones, and remote replication. Optimize agility with flexible options for data access (NFS v3, NFS v4, SMB, iSCSI block, and object APIs), large volumes, and multi-cloud simultaneous data access.

What is Hyperscale?

Hyperscale– Hyperscale storage is the storage of vast quantities of information in media capable of increasing in size rapidly, efficiently, and indefinitely. In a data center, hyperscale storage capacity commonly runs into the petabytes.

Public-Cloud Storage Solutions

Get the benefits of Zadara’s enterprise data storage solutions right within your public-cloud computing environment.

Amazon Web Services

Get Zadara within AWS.

Google Cloud Platform

Get Zadara within GCP.

Microsoft Azure

Get Zadara within Azure.