Managed cloud provider Matrix overcomes VMware challenges with zCompute

Flexible Zadara zCompute reduces costs, enables staged customer migrations, and fills VMware feature gaps.


Matrix is a global IT services company founded in 2001 and with more than 11,000 employees today. Matrix InnerCloud, has a long-standing partnership with Zadara that enables the company to deliver ultra-flexible compute and storage. When Matrix InnerCloud looked for a VMware alternative that could offer more efficient virtualized compute with multi-tenancy, Zadara zCompute helped the company improve on management, costs, migrations, and its customer offering.


Managed IT services


IT as a Service, Hybrid and private cloud, Storage as a Service



With Zadara we can do things other cloud providers don’t offer. We value Zadara’s unique technologies, the high level of support they offer, and their partnership in meeting our customers’ needs.”

The Challenge

  • Offering public, private and hybrid cloud with multi-tenancy.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of delivering Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Diversify virtualization services beyond VMware.

The Solution

  • Zadara provides built-in multi-tenancy with no need for add-ons.
  • Infrastructure and upgrades are fully managed by Zadara.
  • Cost reduction with Zadara’s unique as-a-service model.
  • Zadara runs side by side with VMware, enabling staged migrations and mix-and-match services.

The Challenge

Matrix InnerCloud wanted to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering multi-tenancy for its virtualized cloud compute services. Multi-tenancy offers improved resource allocation, isolation, and higher quality of service compared to single tenancy. 

However, enabling multi-tenancy in InnerCloud’s existing VMware environments would require the purchase of additional VMware products and also create technical challenges.

The Solution

Matrix InnerCloud was already a long-standing partner of Zadara when the company decided to evaluate Zadara zCompute as an alternative to VMware. zCompute offers secure and elastic cloud compute for any application, featuring multi-tenancy out of the box. 

The ultra-flexible connectivity of Zadara technologies enabled Matrix InnerCloud to run zCompute and VMware side by side. This was thanks to Zadara Direct Subnet capabilities, which can combine services from Zadara and other platforms, such as AWS, in a single resource. 

Matrix InnerCloud was then able to perform staged migrations of customer workloads from VMware to zCompute, over a period of 3–4 months, with reduced risk and no disruption to services. After migrating to zCompute, Matrix InnerCloud benefited from a true as-a-service model that reduced costs plus the simplicity of a fully managed service with 24/7 technical support. The company’s end-customers benefited from the choice to improve outcomes by migrating to Zadara, plus the flexibility of using a mix of zCompute and VMware services.

About Matrix InnerCloud

InnerCloud is a leading Cloud service provider by Matrix, the largest and leading IT company in Israel. We provide end-to-end cloud solutions and cloud-managed services (private/hybrid/multi), and an exclusive professional IT as a Service (ITaaS). InnerCloud is built from an atomic multidisciplinary team that contains experienced professionals in all worlds of IT services. The ten main areas in which we operate in order: physical infrastructure, connectivity, storage, processing, system, security, protection, efficiency mechanisms, monitoring, and software while providing these solutions in all cloud infrastructures (local/public/hybrid). 

We strive to maximize our service level, and All of this is made possible by our teams that include experts with professional and interpersonal abilities, to assure efficient solutions and ongoing support 24/7, for the benefit of our customer’s success.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of technology while emphasizing the improvement and optimization of customer service and the introduction of new technologies and platforms.

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