African ICT provider NovaCloud makes cloud costs predictable with Zadara

Local cloud, simplified billing with no data transport fees.
Zadara higher service levels demonstrate a cost effective , advanced cloud alternative to hyperscalers.


NovaCloud is South Africa-based ICT provider that depends on reliable, managed infrastructure to run its services. When a 23% rise in its AWS and Azure costs damaged customer satisfaction, NovaCloud partnered with Zadara to achieve a more predictable cost model. Now the company leverages in-country Zadara Edge Cloud Services to deliver video streaming, Kubernetes-based microservices, and more for its customers.


ICT Services


Object storage, Kubernetes containers, Video Streaming


South Africa

If you go to Zadara with a scenario they will actually assist you. I've had many sessions with Zadara specialists, at no extra cost, because unlike other companies they aren't too big to care.

The Challenge

  • Ingress / Egress fees
  • 23% increase in cost AWS and Azure *
  • POPIA Compliance

The Solution

  • ZEC 
  • Video streaming
  • Kubernetes based micro services
  • Object Storage

The Challenge

NovaCloud started looking for a new cloud partner when its costs increased by 23% in a single year. Because AWS and Azure billed the company in US dollars, fluctuations in the value of the South African made monthly costs highly erratic – even when usage was stable. AWS and Azure also billed NovaCloud for using their data, known as ingress and egress fees, raising costs even higher.

The company was forced to raise its prices, while also facing performance and reliability problems with the object storage that powered media streaming services for a key customer.

The Solution

Zadara provided a more predictable costing model with billing in NovaCloud’s local currency and by eliminating the ingress and egress fees charge by hyperscalers.

Zadara’s hardware is located in NovaCloud’s data center, enabling the company to power its services with Cloud infrastructure closer to its customers. “Zadara object storage is always fast and always online,” says Izak Van As, CEO, NovaCloud. “It’s simply amazing for performance and reliability.”

Today NovaCloud delivers a growing range of services with Zadara including video streaming for a large media customer, HIPAA South Africa or Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)-compliant networking, and containerized microservices. Zadara’s 24/7 technical team has supported NovaCloud to get new projects up and running, such as configuring its Kubernetes cluster. “I’ve had many sessions with Zadara specialists, at no extra cost, because unlike other companies they aren’t too big to care,” says Van As.

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