Video Analytics Company Realizes 30% Price Advantage over Competition with Zadara Edge Cloud


A national leader in video surveillance analytics (The Company) utilizes Zadara Edge Cloud to win new business and gain a strategic advantage over its competition. Zadara’s low latency zCompute and zStorage solutions delivered at the edge helped The Company offer the most competitive price and superior technological solution relative to the competition, ultimately resulting in them winning new business.




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With Zadara’s simplified billing and zero egress fees, The Company was able to offer their solution at a price point that was 30% lower than their main competition that relied on AWS

The Challenge

With new technology advancements in facial recognition solutions , The Company aimed to expand its product offerings into latency sensitive, real-time video surveillance analytics to meet their customers needs. The Company came to Zadara looking for an on-demand infrastructure solution that could help them offer the high performance cloud platform that their video analytics software would need in order to be of use in real-time. Moreover, they needed to be able to deliver this at a price point that would improve their margins that would help them compete against established players in the industry.

The opportunity to collaborate with Zadara came when a major municipal police force sought out a vendor to help them perform analytics on data coming from 2,000 different cameras spread around one of the largest cities in America. The video system had to not only perform analytics on the data from the cameras, but also to do so quickly enough to provide real-time insights to officers working in the field (i.e. Automatic number-plate recognition to identify the license plate of a vehicle as it moved around public city streets).

Originally, The Company had relied on hyperscalers to fulfill their infrastructure needs. However, in order to be competitive from a latency standpoint they knew it would be impossible to achieve close to real-time performance with the closest hyperscaler data center over 1,000 miles away. Moreover, from a cost perspective, they were in search of simplified predictable billing and no egress fees, in order to deliver a competitive tender.

The Solution

Zadara provided The Company with 10 zCompute servers as well as 50tb of high performance zStorage that together were capable of analyzing data from all 2,000 cameras and provide insights with less than 1 millisecond of latency.

This was made possible as the entire solution was delivered to The Company in a Zadara Cloud hosted in a local data center only a few miles from where the data was being generated.

By leveraging one of Zadara’s over 500 global cloud locations The Company is now capable of offering the same low latency high performance analytics in every major municipality in the United States.

Not only does this make their latency sensitive technology significantly more competitive, but the price advantage Zadara offers compared to the hyperscalers gives The Company a massive advantage when competing for new business.

With Zadara’s simplified billing and zero egress fees, The Company was able to offer their solution at a price point that was 30% lower than their main competition that relied on AWS. 

By leveraging Zadara Edge Cloud, The Company won the bid for new business, by finding a low latency cloud partner that enabled their technology to its operate at its full potential. This savvy IT decision enabled The Company to provide a consistent, strategic advantage over other players in the industry, that would not have been possible if they relied on the nearest hyperscaler cloud.

As for the major municipal police force, the analytics platform that The Company delivered, powered by Zadara, has assisted immensely in the critical moments after a crime is committed to protect local citizens and make their city safer.

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