Award-winning Managed Service Provider delivers
game-changing IaaS and backup with Zadara

Xceptional achieves predictable costs, massive scale and business-saving ransomware protection with Zadara Edge Cloud Services.


Xceptional is a managed IT service provider with a presence in San Diego, CA and Colorado. Their customers rely on them for a wide portfolio of services including all facets of cloud, cybersecurity, compliance, and remote monitoring and management, as well as, collaboration, disaster recovery, and more. As the company expanded, they wanted to move away from hyperscale cloud and their unpredictable data fees. They were looking for: 

  • Predictable costs for compute and storage as a service compared to cloud hyperscalers, with subscription pricing and no data transfer charges for ingress and egress
  • Compatible On-Demand Infrastructure Solutions including cloud compute and storage in a single, fully managed platform with 24/7 support
  • Data Protection, Veeam Ready Partner as a Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) they were looking for a Veeam Ready storage partner
  • Accessible technology partnership as a growing company with many clients they were looking for a partner who would work with them as they grew to meet their clients’ needs”


biotech, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and commercial real estate, regulated industries


Compute, Storage, Backup, Veeam


United States



We needed a partner to help us deliver IaaS with predictable costs, and that’s just what Zadara does. Our costs are roughly the same as before, but we are delivering solutions at a much larger scale

The Challenge

Eliminating data cost
With a BaaS offering built on Veeam and AWS, Xceptional had built a multi-terabyte presence on Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage service. But the company wanted to move away from its costly dependence on hyperscalers.

“AWS costs were high, we were getting charged for every bit of data that was coming out. We just didn’t want to be in the position of having to send customers a large bill in the event that they needed to restore from backup.” said McKewon.

Disrupting traditional buying cycles
Xceptional serves businesses transforming their aging architecture to support growth and shift away from traditional buying cycles. They needed a partner who could offer both compute and storage, so they could deliver IaaS solutions that fit the needs of their customers today and in the future. While other manufacturers were mostly geared around putting infrastructure on premises that would age, or to use a hyperscaler like Azure or AWS alongside small data centers.

The Solution

Xceptional with Zadara is now offering a flexible full-stack cloud solution delivered as a service, both on-prem and in the cloud to meet their customers’ needs. “What set Zadara apart is that they had compute and storage in the same platform, with the same management console and the same support team,” shared McKewon.

Recurring revenue growth
By offering backup Office 365 and Google Suite data, in one fully managed platform using Zadara, Xceptional has been able to drive scale with affordable pricing, and achieve significant recurring revenue growth in the past 12 months. Zadara is Veeam Pro Partner and Veeam Ready for Object, Block and File with Data Platform V12.

Our costs are roughly the same as before, but we are delivering solutions at a much larger scale,” explains McKewon. “Zadara is driving scale at an affordable price and our engagement level is fantastic. We can go out and sell a hundred new backup-as-a-service solutions and be confident that the platform is going to scale with us.”

Expand Their Customer Base
Zadara Edge Cloud Services has enabled Xceptional to approach a broader range of customers with cloud solutions, including helping businesses to stabilize AWS storage costs or achieve a hybrid solution, by integrating Zadara storage arrays.

Technology Designed for MSPs
A Strategic Partnership Designed for MSPs
Xceptional’s relationship with Zadara has enabled the company to take a solution-focused, rather than a technology-focused approach to helping customers.

Zadara is uniquely, “Built around the MSP market, so the route to market is through partners, which was attractive for us. And everything is monitored and delivered as a service,” explained McKewon.
With Zadara, Xceptional can call on 24/7 technical assistance to deliver enhanced customer support, and leverage SOC 2-compliant data center infrastructure to help meet customers’ growing compliance needs.

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