Edge Cloud Solutions with Simple Pricing.

Use our configurator to build and price a Zadara storage solution by data type, capacity, and term. Need a custom configuration? Please contact us.

Step 1: Data Type

Choose your data type: block, file, or object. This simple configurator works with just one data type at a time but Zadara can combine multiple data types in a single storage system. Contact us to learn more.
Choose one...
File (NAS) - HDD + SSD cache
Database (SAN) - SSD
Object Storage - HDD

Step 2: Capacity

Because Zadara is a service you can get the amount of storage capacity you need now, and add to it later.

Step 3: Term

For flexibility you can buy Zadara on an hourly basis, with no long-term commitment. For efficiency, you can choose to commit to a particular term.

System Cost

The estimated cost for your chosen system is displayed hourly and monthly. Speak with one of our experts to build and price your system.

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