BeBop Technology moves Media & Entertainment content production to the cloud.

Using Zadara’s enterprise storage-as-a-service, BeBop Technology streamlined content creation workflows and increased data security.

About the company.

Founded in 2014, BeBop virtualizes post-production workflows and moves them to the Cloud securely, without disrupting the creative process.

The challenge.

Storage is a significant challenge for today’s media and entertainment teams. Ultra-high definition and 4K formats, animation, virtual reality (VR), alternative reality (AR) and video effects (VFX) elements require massive storage capacity – and continue to grow larger as resolutions increase. A single seven-minute segment of HD video requires 1 gigabyte (GB) of data – while virtual reality files can be 10x to 20x larger.

Moving these large files into the cloud quickly to collaborate with other team members, with the variable Internet quality that’s endemic to many on-location shoots, is a challenge. Project teams assemble quickly, often grow into hundreds of collaborators and petabytes of data, then eventually scale down when projects end.

The solution.
BeBop Technology leverages Zadara.

BeBop Technology provides a highly specialized cloud-based services platform that enables anyone to ingest, backup, catalog, and organize their content, then edit, creative VFX, process, render, and manage assets any time, from anywhere, on as little as a 20Mbps Internet connection. It leverages Zadara Storage as a foundation of its storage infrastructure that is streamlined, highly performant, highly elastic, and highly secure.

BeBop enables these graphic-intensive processes to be handled in the cloud with the same quality and fidelity as a local workstation. In BeBop’s implementation, its virtual workstations leverage an advanced graphics processing unit (GPU)-based cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to stream only the moving pixels on the screen, rather than huge files outright. BeBop connects its AWS-based compute resources to the Zadara Storage Cloud. The storage-as-a-service (STaaS) resources are located near AWS and connected to the compute resource via high-speed fiber. The architecture allows high performance, low latency, and cloud economies.

Zadara has been an amazing partner that has helped us lay the groundwork for previously unimaginable financial and workflow efficiencies.
David Benson
CTO and Co-Founder | BeBop Technology
The results.
OpEx storage aligns perfectly with BeBop’s business model.

The Zadara Storage business model aligns perfectly with BeBop’s business model. BeBop pays only for the storage it uses, and only for as long as it uses it — as OpEx, not CapEx.

BeBop avoids sunk costs in owning a storage resource that will eventually no longer be needed when the customer’s project is complete. BeBop clients scale their storage resources up across the many months of a project – often into the petabyte range – with flexible storage options that BeBop can provision from an online interface.

With Zadara, BeBop can offer clients the flexibility to select their desired mix of storage from SSDs, SATA or SAS drives, adjust at will, and even change their mind as they go along. Since Zadara Storage dedicates resources to each of BeBop’s individual clients, physical resource isolation guarantees both security and performance levels. Once projects are complete, its team can archive assets via Zadara’s Backup to Object Storage (B2OS) service, and scale active storage down to zero.

The producers of “Wonder Buffalo” a live action 3D film with VR and AR experiences that required 400 times the storage of a typical HD film, relied on Zadara as an integral part of their BeBop solution. Zadara’s scalable cloud storage enabled the delivery of edits faster than planned, and remote, cross-team collaboration in the cloud—backed by agile, secure storage—resulted in a significantly higher quality of edits than those produced by individual offline editors.

“BeBop has a unique advantage over its competitors in enabling graphic intensive processes in the Cloud with the same quality and fidelity as a local workstation. Zadara Storage is a key reason that our solution can outperform the competition,” said BeBop CTO David Benson.