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Enterprise storage available on Google Cloud Platform.

The power of enterprise storage.
The convenience of Google.

Now you can get enterprise-grade storage right inside Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Zadara provides the advanced features you expect from enterprise storage, in a fully-managed cloud model. Your enterprise applications not only run in GCP (connected via Google’s Cloud Direct Peering), but do so with optimum reliability, data privacy, configurability, and performance.

Cloud-based NFS/CIFS file (NAS)
and iSCSI block (SAN).

Zadara on GCP is a cloud-based Enterprise NAS and SAN service with NFS/SMB and iSCSI interfaces, dual HA controllers, dedicated high performance drives and enterprise-class storage features, directly connected to Google Cloud Engine virtual machines.

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google cloud storage encrytion

Enterprise functionality,
performance, and control.

Enjoy enhanced performance, control, availability and privacy with a full array of enterprise functionality including clustering, dedicated resources, +100TB volumes, snapshots, replication, thin provisioning, encryption, and zero capacity clones.

Migrate your data to Google
using Cloud Hydration service.

By leveraging Zadara's Cloud Hydration service you can easily migrate your static and production data to GCP, conveniently and without downtime.

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Choose your drive types.
Add flash cache.

With Zadara you can select the drive types (SSD/SAS/SATA) and RAID levels to fit your requirements. You can even add flash cache for increased performance.

Dedicated resources.
Secure encryption.

Zadara is built with security in mind. Your data is stored on dedicated hardware, and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only you control access to your data.

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data management

24/7 management and support.
100%-uptime SLA.

With Zadara you get more than enterprise-class storage. You get an expert team backing you up, with 24/7/365 live support, proactive system management, and periodic non-disruptive hardware upgrades included. That’s why we can offer the industry’s only 100%-uptime SLA.

Get more for less.
Pay-as-you-go pricing.

Zadara delivers all the power of enterprise storage, in a fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use model that reduces your costs and management burden. Get more for less. No big up-front costs. No commitments required. Use Zadara for an hour, a month, a year, or forever, and get the same low-cost, high-touch service.

OpEx, pay as you go storage

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With Zadara on Google Cloud you can do everything you can do with traditional legacy storage. Start by choosing your use case or business requirement from these popular choices below, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Zadara Cube - 10TB

10TB Block and File Storage

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Zadara Cube - 20TB

20TB Block and File Storage

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Zadara Cube - 40TB

40TB Block and File Storage

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Zadara Cube - 1.6TB SSD

1.6TB SSD Block and File Storage

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Zadara Cube - 3.2TB SSD

3.2TB SSD Block and File Storage

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