More than enterprise storage.
A complete solution.

Enterprise storage and data management.

Enterprise Cloud Storage Solutions

Zadara is enterprise storage made easy. Any data type. Any protocol. Any location. Start by choosing block, file, or object storage. During setup you’ll choose protocol, capacity, throughput, location, and any advanced data management solutions you want to add.

Block Storage

Enterprise SAN, using native iSCSI, iSER, and Fibre Channel.

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File Storage

Enterprise NAS, using native NFS and CIFS for file storage.

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Object Storage

Resource isolation for security and performance.

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Advanced Data Management Solutions

Productivity, availability, automation. Do more with your enterprise data, using Zadara’s advanced data management solutions.

Backup to Object

Backup to Object Storage eliminates the need for host-based backup software.

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Cloud Hydration

A cost-effective and practical way to migrate data to a cloud or multiple clouds.

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Use Docker containers in Zadara, to run processing tasks right inside your storage.

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High Availability

Multi-zone high availability and disaster recovery.

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Migrate point-in-time copies of data to a cloud or multiple clouds.

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Public-Cloud Storage Solutions

Get the benefits of Zadara’s enterprise data storage solutions right within your public-cloud computing environment.

Amazon Web Services

Get Zadara within AWS.

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Google Cloud Platform

Get Zadara within GCP.

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Microsoft Azure

Get Zadara within Azure.

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More than enterprise storage. A complete solution.

Zadara is a complete enterprise storage solution because it has all the functionality you expect in enterprise storage — and so much more. It starts with our patented virtualization software running the same industry-leading storage you can buy from a legacy vendor. It’s OpEx, so you pay only for what you use. And it's fully managed by us 24/7. In other words, Zadara can do everything your legacy storage can do, just a whole lot cheaper and easier.

 Patented software. Commodity hardware.

You get our patented virtualization software and the same hardware you can buy from a legacy vendor. (Which leads us to ask: Why would you?)

 24/7/365 management. 100%-uptime guarantee.

Why spend your time managing storage? You have more important things to do, like finding the source of that squeaking noise in the server room.

 Consumption-based (OpEx) pricing model.

Sometimes you need more storage. Sometimes you need less. Scale up or down in minutes. Pay only for what you use. No long-term commitments.

Leading organizations worldwide trust Zadara.

Leading organizations around the world trust Zadara for their enterprise data storage and management.

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