Zadara Celebrates 3 with Special Offer – Migrate 100TB to Zadara AWS cloud, for free!

About a week ago, on Zayin (the 7th day) of the month Adar A of the Hebrew calendar, Zadara Storage celebrated its 3rd birthday.

Birthday cake - Zadara Enterprise Storage as a Service

What started in a kickoff meeting between leading engineers, expert developers and seasoned entrepreneurs, quickly grew into a cutting edge startup which even more rapidly evolved to deliver a revolutionary product. After just one year of relentless work and brilliant creativity of a determined team, we celebrated our beta product release. After two years, we were already in production at major cloud providers and had built up a sizable pool of paying customers.

As we close our 3rd year(!) and enter our fourth, we take a step back to reflect. And as we look over our achievements we find a fast-growing company (with a team that grew by 40% just this year) – with truly global coverage (operating hubs in 9 locations around the world), an invaluable global partner in the form of Toshiba (a strategic investor with whom we collaborate deeply), and an ecosystem of partners (already too many to count!) – that’s delivering a robust and resilient product to a rapidly multiplying base of customers (we quintupled the number of customers last year) with immense success (we grew our monthly recurring revenue 10x since the prior year).

We’ve seen how software-defined storage, cloud architecture and as-a-Service models are growing to be the greatest disruptors of IT infrastructure today, and we are proud to spearhead these movements in a truly agile solution that meets the most stringent enterprise requirements. We’re proud to see leading analysts and industry leaders concur that our solution is ‘a solid product with a mature set of features’ that delivers ‘true multi-tenant enterprise storage as a service’.

To celebrate our birthday we’re offering a special limited offer: Move up to 100TB to US AWS cloud, for free! 

Zadara Storage AWS NAS and SAN special offer

One of the challenges for many of our customers as they plan their data and applications migration from on-premise to the cloud has been how to migrate their data using limited internet bandwidth and the accompanying cost. Even with great uplink speeds, upload rates are estimated at just 1TB/day, so any migration of large data sets is a tedious process, with 100TB taking about 3 months to upload!

Our team has recently initiated a migration service using courier shipping to physically migrate customers’ large data sets, by shipping a storage device that customers can swiftly, securely and easily copy their data to our hardware. The storage device is then shipped to our operations engineers, who copy the data to their choice location of the Zadara Cloud (at AWS or other partner cloud and managed service providers). Customer data is immediately deployable and connected to their Virtual Private Storage Array (a SAN and NAS as-a-service solution).

Farm Intelligence²™ moves 25TB to Zadara at AWS cloud

Our first customer to take advantage of this service offering,  Farm Intelligence²™, migrated 25TB from on-premise data center to the AWS cloud, just this week. The entire migration process, including shipping and installing until full operation, took less than a week; an attestation to the gargantuan change enterprise storage is undergoing:
Zadara worked with my team to create an extremely convenient solution for us to move 25 terabytes of existing data to the Zadara storage solution, all accessible to our Amazon environment. This was a seamless move, and we look forward to using Zadara for our production storage needs going forward.
Steve Kickert, CTO, Farm Intelligence 

We’re thrilled to take this opportunity and help more customers take advantage of our services across the US. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Zadara family of customers, investors, partners, and growing team for a spectacular year! we’re looking forward to enabling many more businesses, organizations and enterprises take advantage of a new IT world and a new Enterprise storage model.

Thank you!
Nelson Nahum, CEO 

Limited offer valid throughout 2014. To qualify, you must register here by March 31st, 2014. Registration is free and with no commitment. Free trials of VPSA are available for registered users.


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