Zadara & Amazon Web Services (AWS): A Simplified Enterprise Storage Solution via AWS 1-Click Interface


On June 7th, Zadara announced  our launch of the “Zadara Cube”, now available via AWS 1-Click.

AWS 1-Click

The Zadara Cube is now available via AWS 1-Click. AWS 1-Click allows AWS users to more easily and more quickly deploy solutions in just a few clicks of a button via the AWS Marketplace. Current AWS customers can search the AWS Marketplace and easily compare the different variations of the Zadara Cube and start deploying new enterprise storage instances immediately.


The Zadara Cube

The Zadara Storage cube is a simplified version of the award-winning, patented Zadara Storage VPSA Storage Array. The Zadara Cube has the same performance and enterprise features as the Zadara VPSA Storage Array.


The Advantages

There are three main advantages of Zadara AWS 1-Click. First and foremost, your data is storage in a trusted cloud. AWS is a world-class, industry leading cloud provider so reliability is a non-issue.

Secondly, as suggested above, the Zadara Cube via AWS 1-Click provides AWS customers with a simple way to deploy enterprise-class cloud storage. Simplicity is key!

Lastly, and conveniently, the Zadara Cube charges appear on the same billing as the rest of your AWS services.


Zadara Storage & AWS: Better Together

As a partner of AWS, Zadara complements the services they offer, which results in a turbocharged cloud storage solution.


Try us out for free on the AWS Marketplace today!

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