Zadara Summit 2016 Speakers Part I


This fall from November 14th through November 17th, Zadara Storage will host its 4th annual Zadara Summit in sunny Southern California. There will be a variety of speakers ranging from Zadara employees, customers, and partners as well as industry analysts and experts from around the world. While these speakers will touch on many different topics, the overall theme and messaging is the same: with storage-as-a-service, you are always aligned for success.  Continue reading to learn more about our Zadara Summit 2016 speakers and topics, or click here to see the full agenda. 


Which Storage is Right for You?

Zadara’s Solutions Architect Howard Young will do a technical dive into the 3 types of storage: block, file, and object. With object storage newly available at Zadara, we now offer a complete, universal storage solution to make sure we stay aligned with all your storage needs.


The Flash Revolution: New Technologies That Will Affect Your Business

Yair Herschko, VP of Engineering at Zadara will go into detail about new technologies emerging and how you can best prepare for and utilize these in your storage strategy.


Fibre Channel Connectivity

Fibre Channel connectivity was another big piece of our recent upgrades and Greg Scherer of QLogic will give a keynote on how to leverage enterprise-grade Fibre Channel for host connectivity. Hear from Greg on how our new FC connection opens up additional options for our storage-as-a-service.


Storing Digital Media in the Cloud

Ben Foakes of BASE Media Cloud will give a partner perspective covering how storage-as-a-service (STaaS) is making it easier for those in the media industry. Ben, an expert in digital media and cloud storage knows how vital it is to be able to provide a storage solution that is agile and efficient as well as cost-effective. When storing large media files, performance and scalability are imperative, and storage-as-a-service has helped solve those recurring issues in digital media.


Cloud Adoption in 2016 and Beyond

Frank Berry, CEO of IT Brand Pulse shares his expert insight on what’s going on with the cloud. Frank has interviewed multiple cloud visionaries and experts and will share the data he’s collected about the future of the cloud. By attending Frank’s session, you’ll not only gain a unique perspective but how to leverage these changes to your advantage.


These are just a few of the exciting sessions coming up in November. Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll highlight another round of speakers.

Click here to learn more, sign up for, and attend the summit.

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