Five Questions to Ask When Choosing an Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service Provider

1. Do you offer cloud, on-premises and hybrid storage?

One model doesn’t fit all, some enterprises might prefer an on-premises, while other will opt for a hybrid model. The ideal cloud provider should offer both, so you can enjoy the advantages of the cloud as well as those of on-site data storage. Learn more about Storage Deployment options.

2. How do you tackle ‘noisy neighbors’?

The last thing you want is for another customer, or noisy neighbor, to be hogging all of the available resources of your cloud environment and affect your performance. Make sure your cloud provider has a solution for this, ideally by isolating your neighbor’s storage from yours so that they cannot affect each other.

3. Do you support all types of data?

It’s important for you to have the flexibility and remember that not all cloud providers are able to store block, file, and object data.

4. What is your pricing structure?

You shouldn’t pay for storage that you’re not using. Whether your storage is in the cloud, onsite, or hybrid, only pay for what you actually use. Learn more about Zadara Pricing.

5. What security measures do you use?

It’s crucial for your data center to have both cyber security but also physical security measures. Security should be baked into a cloud solution, from the ground up and inside out.  Learn about Zadara’s High Availability.

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